Know about Shopkeepers insurance policy and what kinds of risk covers by Insurance Companies

If you have any business, so it is always vulnerable to damage. Many General Insurance sectors Companies faced risk cover of small shopkeepers. New India Assurance Company's Shopkeepers policy 'has been specially designed for small shopkeepers.
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This is only a policy that meets the needs of shoppers are numerous insurance. The policy is cover damage caused by fraudulent by salaried employee of shopper. Also this policy risk cover of fires and other disasters Shop Building and the loss of the insured goods are kept.

What kind of risk is covered by Insurance Companies for Shop Insurance? 

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  • Shopper damage caused by a salaried employee fraud
  • Various natural disasters such Earthquake, landslides, fire, lightning, flood, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, etc., the store material losses caused by above.
  • Riots, strikes, terrorist activities, causing overflow of water tanks or pipe shop and the loss of the material
  • Above mentioned events outlet obstruction from damage due to losses in business
  • Damage to the goods of Store by theft and burglary, the
  • Missing money from the cashier counter theft and burglary
  • Lock valuables in safe capital
  • The damage to the fixed plate glass in the shop due to an accident,
  • Reason of an accident or natural disaster, the damage to glow sign, neon signs or Disappeared during a business trip Baggage
  • The shopkeeper and his wife / children's personal accident
  • This policy can take small shopkeeper whose shop building and the total value of goods is less than Rs 10 lakh. The total of these two is more than Rs 10 lakh, then they cannot take this policy.

Establishment shops and any shop around to get the registration under the Act to take this policy are not eligible. Restaurant, tea shop, coffee shop cannot take this policy.

How to reduction the measures of loss when accident or disaster incident happen

  • In case of fire, inform fire brigade immediately.
  • Stolen, notify the police immediately in the event of a burglary. The list of goods with them and give them information about their price.
  • Give intimation to Insurance Company via phone or fax or in writing of the report. The company fills out the claim form.
  • Cooperate with Surveyor appointed by the insurance company. Provide the necessary papers to prove your losses.


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