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Washington: Very soon you will see boys running not behind their lover girls  But behind the Robots.
Yes, the news hidden in the Senate is accordingly going to take place very soon, whereby boys loving the Robot. Those who love robots will come into reality in the year 2025 and will increase its feeds.

As per the report, in the year 2013, 9 percent of the people are with the robot enjoying having physical relation. Now at this homeowner’s time more and more people are seen involved with the robot. Hence the robots now bear their true love.

Not only this but because of this robots there is going to be harm to their work schedule too, because the Robots understanding the emotions of the people will also replace human resources in companies.

Microsoft's Principal researcher Jonathan Grudin has also said that all through technological development there is always an increase in jobs, but people always find a decline in their employment.

It is believed that in the coming time these advanced robots are going to be used in various companies for work whereas it would be much better if the robots were used only for the purpose of loving & feeling the emotions would be much attractive.


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