Computer shops usually we surf the Internet, you may experience slow behavior, but slow for many reasons, need to be carefully examined in order to determine the cause and solution, the more familiar to the computer are more likely to learn to solve problems, if computer a little more you will be asked to solve the problem, it would be boring. Often encountered problems like computer slow, so here we have a detailed overview of someone solution.

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Network cable problem cause slow speeds

There are many kinds of network cable, the quality is good and bad, poor quality or aging lines will cause slow computer speed. Twisted-pair cable is made up of four pairs of wire tightly twisted together and according to strict rules, to reduce background noise and crosstalk effects. Meanwhile, T568A and T568B standards using only twisted pair lines 1, 2 and 3, 64 lines, of which 1, 2 for sending, 3, 6, used to receive, and 1 and 2 must be from a round, 3 and 6 must be from a wound. The only way to minimize crosstalk and ensure data transmission. In practice, I found that do not follow the correct standards (T586A, and T586B); produced by cable, there is a big risk.

Performance: speed is very slow when you are just starting to use; another was begun on the speed to normal, but after some time, slow speed. The latter is evident in the desktop computer, but with a laptop to check net speed is shown as normal. For this problem I found after years of practice, because they do not follow the correct standards produced by the slower speeds also caused by cable and network connection quality.

General performance than a laptop of desktop computer's network adapter, therefore, when troubleshooting by Jiao for method, using the laptop detects normal speed and network cable not manufactured according to the standards cannot be ruled out that a problem exists. We demanded that all T586A, T586B standards. Cable, to detect faults cannot be written in notebook computers instead of desktop computers.

Second, network problems are causing slow speed

You want to connect to the destination site's bandwidth is not adequate or the server is under heavy load. Approach is very simple; please change to a time period or, to put it on a destination site. Or it may be a problem with your Internet provider, such as telecom and Netcom, etc.

Three up, network equipment hardware failure slow speed

When a network device hardware failure can also cause slower speeds. When such failure is suspected, first replacement method can be used to replace a hub or Jiao machine set to exclude line equipment failure. If there is no fault, turn off after power to the hub or Jiao-for, under DOS using "Ping" command a computer one by one test involved, to find computers with the malfunctioning Intel network adapter, replace the new NIC Internet connections were restored to normal. Network interface cards, hubs and switches are the most prone to the disease caused by slow speed device.

Four, loop exists in the network causing slow speed

When the number of nodes of the network involved is not much, the structure is not very complex, that rarely happened. But in some of the more complex networks, often have extra spare lines, such as accidentally even when composed. As the network cable from the hub to the computer room, from the two-compartment computer room to the computer. From Network Center also has a standby line connected directly to a computer room, if these few lines simultaneously connected, then loops, packets will constantly send and verify data, thus affecting the overall speed. This search is more difficult. To avoid this from happening, request we develop good habits when laying cable: cable marked with the clear label, where there are alternative line to do a record. When you suspect that there is such a failure occurs,? I weary of Mei Zhi  Wo Zhen Jiao frees  nephew Sam pepper you can?

Five, poor quality of phone lines slow the speed

ADSL technology high requirements for quality of the telephone lines, ADSL is currently using an RADSL (rate Adaptive ADSL), if the telephone wires between telephone Office to the user in a certain period of time by external interference, RADSL vary depending on line quality and distance, and dynamically adjust user access speed. If visiting a foreign site, speed, bandwidth and other sites are subject to export routes, equipment configuration and other factors, needs coordination and cooperation to solve the entire network. Lines include: because the site did not comply with construction standards when legacy quality problems, such as plastic casing without cause the bitten line; a distribution frame or other materials because of quality problems, led to a jumper connection is bad; user concealed in the decoration of the Interior cable is damaged.

Six, worms and other viruses led to slower speed

Dissemination via E-mail worm virus on the network speed of increasing impact, more dangerous. The virus causes infected users constantly sliding as long as an outgoing message, select users PC viruses in a document appended to the user of the machine address book randomly random addresses on the message sent. Hundreds of thousands of such spam messages sent out in a line, and was returned in droves on the server.
Individual backbone Internet caused significant congestion, speed became slow, LAN close to paralysis. Therefore, we have to upgrade the anti-virus software; computer you want to upgrade, install system patches in a timely manner while uninstalling unnecessary services, close unnecessary ports to improve the safety and reliability of the system. Except, of course, the worm will have many new network virus can lead to slow speeds, such as ARP and other viruses are also very powerful.

Through the above introduction, slow solution has come out and speed slows down the computer is basically these, still some problems also can lead to slow speeds, we can't introduce one by one here, if you have any further questions, you can contact us and we will assist you to solve the problem.