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In addition to modern medicine Acupuncture and Acupressure can also be the best way to cure or treatment. May be treatment course takes longer time, but it does not have any side effects. This system is not common in India, but if we will talk about China mostly is treated with the same. However, these methods are being growing and introducing in India.
Let’s Know Acupressure and Acupuncture: Acu is Chinese language word, which means points, it means dipping at certain points of the body, and treated by Puncture (Hole) called acupuncture. If these points press by equipment or hand than it will be called acupressure.

Then press the points on the feet and hands are called Reflexology while pressing massage points the entire body says the shiatsu. If the energy is less, than press clockwise and anti-clockwise. Also, press and release techniques can take a while for the press point, then leave. Do it repeatedly.
Childbirth Acupressure Techniques

How much time does?: There are a total of 365 energy points in the body. Different diseases have different impact points. There are some common points. A session of acupuncture is 40-60 minute and 15-20 points puncture are doing on the session. Acupressure squeeze every point is two-three minutes. Usually take 3-4sesions and 15-20 sittings for comes complete comfort. Treatment can be go long run. For one sitting charges can between 500 to 1000 Rupee. The good doctor before treatment Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) to test the energy level and points are examined.
Learn yoga Acupressure :Acupuncture Points to be mixed with Yoga, this known as Acu Yoga. Such as Sugar acupuncture or pressure of the patient's spleen or the pancreas is aroused and together SHALABHASAN point is made, which is beneficial to the spleen or pancreas. In addition to asthma, lungs Pranayama are taught to suppress points. If the patient Acupressure and total points totals information is good this is much better.
Tips and Treatment through to Acupressure and Acupuncture

Daily 10-15 minute walk barefoot on concrete. Keep in mind that where you going to run, to clean the area so that the legs do not hurt. The points are buried in the sole of barefoot running, which increases blood round. It helps reduce stress and fatigue and legs, knees and body pain relief. Those who do not want to walk barefoot, they or any of mustard oil to massage the sole of loud until then, until he went out, not heat. Acupressure slippers are also beneficial.

Rub well sole to brush 4-5 minutes on daily bathing. 5-10 minutes twice a week to head to do well massage. Also CV 20 point (where many people have peak) light hand hit 15-20 on the day. The 100 points are awake. From Depression, memory loss, Parkinson like helps Problems.

By doing daily five minutes massage at bottom part of the ear (ear lobe) is better for memory. This tip is very useful for studying babies. If you have less appetite half hour before eating, press two minutes out small portion of the ear (Tragus) to finger it will decrease the appetite. This is the point of thirst. Press the thirst it will reduce without water fast.
How to Relieve Nausea with Acupressure

Clean your tongue daily because tongue has heart kidney point. During cleaning of the tongue they are buried. Several rounds the sharp roller edges on arm pain will disappear. Play daily for 5-7 minutes applause by this acupressure, hands points awakes.

Here we are mentioning Acupressure language Points Name with Briefings
GV 20 or DU 20-Where it will exists: Head, Heart, where many people are top.

Uses and Benefits: Enhances memory, irritability, depression, hyper activity calms down the mind. Especially these points are most effective for studying children. This point is also the controlling of all the points, so it is pressed into every disease.

GB 20 point: Where you can press or find: behind the ear in the tilt.

Benefits and Uses: Depression, headache, dizziness and sense organ or nose, ear and eye relief-related illnesses. Mental imbalance, paralysis, and effective in Uterus diseases.
Li 11: Where it exists: elbow (elbow) on the outer crease.

Benefits and Uses: cholesterol, Bloodpressure, throat infections, urine infections, vomiting, diarrhea, hiccup, jaundice, anemia etc... In every illness-related blood work like enhances immunity. To do its UB 17 (BL 17) with is so much better.
Acupressure Points for Healthy Skin and face

ST 36: Where it exists: Four fingers below the knee, on the outside. It is also called tonification point. To this day, many diseases can be avoided massage.

Use circuit training increases immediately. Fatigue and helps recover after a long illness. Moshns effective in diseases of the stomach and loose. STOMACH 25 in diarrhea (three-finger distance on either side of the navel) is also quite rewarding.

Use circuit training increases immediately. Fatigue and helps recover after a long illness. Moshns effective in diseases of the stomach and loose. STOMACH 25 in diarrhea (three-finger distance on either side of the navel) is also quite rewarding.