Cartographer Job Description Full work Profile : If you are interested in making maps or charts, you can choose and make it your career. Map-making skills are necessary to become or Cartographer? Let us know how to become a Cartographer.
Cartographers and Photogrammetrists :: Job Description and work

Map is a scientific art. If you are a professional in the profession of map making, for it requires knowledge of several mode. The survey, photographs, satellite images will also take the help. However, if you want to come into the profession, not only Government departments as well as you can find opportunities in private industry. Indeed, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Increased Use of Cartographer demand is growing rapidly.

What kinds of Basic Skills needs to become a best Cartographer:Basic Knowledge of Geography and the Environment is very important for cartographer. The Person who has sense of understanding the drawing and mapping they can make a map easily. In Cartography field should have knowledge of Mathematical skills and research work. They should have quality of visualization, patience hard work and Dedication. Cartographer prepares your map according to client demand. The map may be military, Geographical, Historical, Educational, Political or Tourists road-map. In addition, these maps both digital and graphic form can be make.

What is the Technical Knowledge necessary for Cartographer? The art of map is thousands of years old. In the old time most people first spend time in the field create map by hand, but now the work is done via computer. In addition of computer skills Geographical Information and Digital Mapping Technique understanding is important for this.

If you want to become success Cartographer do degree or diploma course. In addition of a bachelor's degree in Cartography Geography, Geology, Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Science and Physical Science Graduate can also become successful. If you know the art well had making Geometry, Knowledge of mechanical drawing and drafting, then its better.

Where are the Job opportunities of  Cartographer?: Maps are being used by individual’s industrial purpose. Therefore planners, Utility Companies, State Agencies, Construction Companies, Surveyors, Architects all have needs Cartographer. Similarly Weather Forecasting, Travel and Tourism, geological, mineral Exploration, Military Department, publishing houses Chances are good jobs. If we will talk about salary package than in early stages you can earn 15K to 20Thousands per month as per the organisations requirements. As Experience of Cartographer income can go up to 5-10lack per months as per their working skills and capacities.