Changing the bank for pension account Do's and Dont's for Pensioners: Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) divides pension. CPAO sends the pensioners pension to his banks accounts.  This amount is sent to the authorized bank. To avoid fraud CPAO often avoids making changes in bank account. However, if the pensioner got has difficulty in accessing bank or branch, then by giving application can change the bank or branch.
Procedure for Transfer of Pension Payment from One Branch/Bank To Another

What are Categories described and process:CPAO does this change three-way. First, another branch of the same bank, the pension can be sent. Second shift at one location and other bank and third shift any bank and any location. The first category is the easiest to change. Indeed, banks are Bank Designated link, and then the pension is processed.
Application Process : Changes in the location or locations of the Paying Bank pensioner have given a written application given to bank mange and also attested from old bank manager. The request Copies to be sent to the new and old link bank branches. A copy is also has sent to CPAO. The bank account details of the required changes and new pension arrangement is like this. This letter must be attached with the pension payment order. During transmission, you can find pension in the new branch. It has to perform PPO and transfer requests.
Take care of these things during process of these requests :Complete new bank without being processed on the basis of the request letter and PPO also may pay up to 3 months. The old bank from the date of the last payment is given on PPO copy of the bank. This link is sent to the bank, so due to not mistake of double payment.