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How can Mutual Funds be redeemed?
Mutual fund investors the option of keeping your units gets in demat format. The demat details have given with the application form. But such investors cannot to do mutual fund units directly related to your transactions. Redemption requests them, including any transactions through a stock broker or the Depository Participant must. There are several ways to redemptions from these mediums.

Redemption through Depository: Investor redemptions form filling her with the Depository Participant (DP) to be stored. DP Registrar shall send him money and redemptions sent to the investor's account.

Redemption through Broker: If the broker is providing an online platform for transactions in securities then, the investors for redemptions may place online instruction. After the confirmation of the Units will be redeemed and  his money will be sent in the bank account of investor.
Physical Request: Investor redemptions can place orders through brokers. The units of mutual fund schemes through the normal settlement process in the CM Pool account transfers may submit the delivery instruction slip. The amount of the redemption will be directly in the bank account of the investor. 

Keep these process in Mind when redemption: Redemption Form / DIS unit holders in the folio should be signed, even though none folio mode of operation. If investors want to transactions directly from mutual fund units in demat Rematerialisation so they can give the application.