What is top-up insurance plans and benefit, Health insurance: Why you should opt for top-up plans health insurance
What is Top-up health insurance policy and add on to existing health insurance policy who can be taken top up policy.
what is Extend Health Insurance in india

Top-up health insurance policy and add on can be taken like existing health insurance policy. Top-up plan is a deductible limit the Insured Person can choose the time of purchase. Claim equal to the deductible amount in case the Insured Person or is the current policy. The rest amount will be fills by Insurance Company.

Deductible: Insurance companies tell about minimum and maximum deductible amount and the sum of the point’s range of options. This amount should be more than the Insured Person in an emergency (or Basic health policy) are not in a position to easily repay.

Premium: Premium Insured's age, it is dependent on the sum assured and the deductible. The more deductible, the premium will be lower.
Customer should see before taking the policy that the Day Care Procedure, pre-existing illness, hospitalization expenses before and after are excluded or not.

Proposal form:
The proposal form is filling by Insured Person. The Person should have told about personal details, chosen plan, health details and current health insurance.

Age and Test: Minimum age is usually 18 years, but a floater policy is also covered children up to 3 months. Insurance companies also need medical tests varies according to the change.

Super Top Up
: Some top-up plans to be activated on a single claim are more than the deductible amount. Super top up plans in the aggregate claim pays a predetermined time period.