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At the rate of 7 per cent economic growth In the Asia Pacific region, so as per expectations of thee same employees salary growth can be go up to 11 percent next year. It has been estimated in a report.

According to Towers Watson report 2014 15, Asia Pacific Salary Budget Planning, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam 11 per cent, while 10.8 per cent salary growth in India can get.

The report said that although salary will increase, but inflation was not control than no meaning of this.  This would mean that the real sense (real terms) salary growth at 5.2 per cent in China, Pakistan 4.5, Bangladesh 4.3, Vietnam 4.1 and 3.8 per cent growth in Sri Lanka will hand. In this case, India will remain at number six, where the real salary growth is expected to be 3.5 per cent.