Today we will discuss about how to short do short URL of your domain or link. After the start of the use of short URLs, received some readers ask: how can I want to shorten the URL? In fact, a lot has been introduced before the reduction site service, it will automatically use a very simple, as long as the copy of your original URL and then paste it into the appropriate fields, will produce a new short URL, and click on the short URL after Jump to your original URL.
What are the shortest url shortener and how to Short the Url or Domain

Use of short URL of the biggest advantages is that you can put lengthy URLs shorter, behind some URLs may have some parameters or Indian, US, UK etc., copy and paste the URL will become a long list, not only very beautiful, in BBS forums or When using the phone for too long because of the transfer may be cut off, of course, if they are cut into two URLs will not be able to enter the website you want to correct, so it requires the use of shrink URL shortening service.

Another advantage is that some short URL service itself built-in statistical functions, which means that when you put a URL shortening after sharing out, can be traced to how many people clicked on the site, or to enter the country from those platforms, etc., for Users need to report afterwards, the choice of an appropriate short URL service becomes very important. There are also some short URL service is included "security scan" function, can automatically scan the page is secure when you shorten URLs, allowing users to produce reliable short URL.
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Free Resources Internet community specially selected six "short URL" service, in addition to a simple presentation features, but also provide examples to let everyone do the test site (link in each example will return to this page), these services have been operating quite a long time, and some are even free services provided by large enterprises, believe that we can provide you with the most secure, fast and reliable permanent short URL. This is very common to see a short URL , but also by the Google URL Shortener and operated without registration you can use, or you can directly login to your Google account, the shortened URL will appear in your record inside, easy to follow management and data queries. URL generated only after the hide, cannot be deleted, it cannot be edited again. Other notes See Google officially launched URL shrinking service article. provide analysis reports for reference, after login click Details Short URL can check the rear, the report will show the total number of clicks, QR Code, origin, country, use the browser platform.

Bitly: is my personal favorite of quite a short URL service, its website design too deep in my heart, very fast, full-featured, third-party tools are very complete, also provides Chrome browser extensions, bookmarks bar rapid reduction site tools, as well as from mobile phones, tablet PCs Email way to establish a short URL, etc., Bitly had became Twitter preset short URL service.

Bitly after opening the site, you can choose whether you want to sign up for a free account, or affixed directly to the site right corner, click Shorten short URL can be established.

Bitly also provide reports, easier to use, directly behind the short URL plus + sign to see the usage of the site, and can display includes the total number of clicks, QR Code, settling time, number of clicks per share to those local, and national origin. short URL service is provided by well-known companies GoDaddy, detailed instructions in super short X.CO! GoDaddy launched a free URL shortening service! Find an article, this service will be included in this article because of the resulting links very short, its original domain name is rare single character, the pursuit of "short URL" is indeed able to meet friends your needs. have provided QR Code, as well as statistical reports, but there must be logged in to use GoDaddy account, although you can register for a free account, but the process is somewhat cumbersome (to fill out a lot of information), if not really need to see the statistical data, it is not registered. In addition, provides registered users "Custom URL" function, which is able to set behind the string. I accidentally discovered Yahoo! short URL service, but it should be no publicity and promotion, so visibility is not high, short URL generated for, is quite a character, but does not have the statistics function can only choose In forwarding address whether to allow users to preview link. McAfee is often dubbed the "McAfee", we should have heard of it? Yes, this is a well-known anti-virus software maker has launched a short URL service, particularly in the as its website, allowing users to share the site at the time of exposure is also the way to help its brand name, is really quite powerful marketing tactics. flagship "safe short URL", that is, whether it has a secure link scanning functions, which in turn move it a short URL provided by the company itself and the services together cleverly, I think is really too strong, So I have to put it to the list in. Prior wrote an article introduces its from McAfee, more secure site service contract.