In the past decade has been the availability of high quality is the core of the industry discussion, it is increasingly important because of its user. Good availability can also help build brand awareness, so as to enhance the user evaluation of a website or a company. Today, people are still highly concerned about the availability of large and small companies because of the good availability strategy have proven how important it is.

In the past few years, good usability becomes the core of those successful startups. In most cases, the simple idea of the most creative, usability mainly refers to: make a feature or product easy to use, but we must maintain product quality is maintained at a high level.

Today, many articles talk about common sense. After discussion of the topic, year after year, it seems that web designers are still hard to understand it. Availability is no longer a joke, the following recommendations should be printed out and stick to your wall across the table.

Link colors

Beginner Web Design Mistakes how to AvoidI often find myself browsing the Web, some of the links on the page does not appear in some form highlighted. This is the most stupid mistake I've ever seen. I am willing to visit those links using the default blue page, rather than ordinary text links and a color page. Users need to know how to navigate between pages, where I can click on the link. You cannot expect them to sweep the mouse all the text line by line to find links until you find the mouse arrow into a "small hand children."

I fully understand that sometimes out of design considerations, the link cannot be used to highlight certain colors, so that makes them seem too obtrusive. This is entirely understandable. But you can add text style or dashed box, all you need is in one way or another to emphasize the link only.

Visited links should be displayed in a different way to distinguish it from the default link color. Because it can help users know what they've visited, in order to determine where to go next. Some sites make users confused, but let them know what they have visited, absolutely make them better impression on your website.

Bad typesetting

When we talk about publishing, not that we need a big title, or some nice words. When we consider the ease of use, typesetting beautiful or not is not so important, important is how the layout should make our content easy to read.

Large blocks of text are arranged close reading it will make people feel a headache, but it should not let designer’s headache. He simply increase the row height, segmented, increase text size, change the font, you can make it easier to read.

In web design, how to mix fonts and colors to what kind of wake-up visitors, not very important. Of course, these then you will be better. In the past few years, we will always wrong functional aesthetic importance placed on top. Actually, the most important features of the site it is easy to use, it is not as there are a lot of limitations like graphic design. Sometimes we do not care how nice it can have, is that it only needs to work it.

Let me explain further. On the Internet two share the latest design trend, minimalism and flat design , are extremely simple and focus on the content rather than the presentation of the background pretty much go in minimalism and flat design is becoming increasingly popular reason behind is that they are very simple and works well - sometimes really hard to believe that such a simple website was able to get a huge success, you enter the site, reading content, and then leave, nothing distract you, no Flash, no making the site load slow Javascript, no nice flowers or pattern, just content only.

Now, you should understand the content becomes accessible so that is how important the truth, do not spend too much time and energy to think about first how to make your site becomes more beautiful - no matter how beautiful fonts, others if you cannot read words in vain.

Without reference to practices

Reference design practices and usability recommendations are very important, because no matter whom you are, as long as you follow it did, then the user will be spent on your website as much time and spending on other sites, which means you and others stood on the same starting line.

As an example let us understand more clearly what I want in the end of the table. That there is such a site on which to place a link to the navigation bar to exit the page. The role of this button, which is commonly understood navigation bar should have a role very different from this design, violates the design practice.

Fortunately, in recent years, the situation improved a lot, but still can be found in some low-level error should not occur, such as: cycling display module linked above fail, or click on the link, when pop-up box. Therefore, to keep up with design practice.

Avoid answering questions

Users browse the web all has goals. Might have wanted some fun, maybe to find information, perhaps to keep in touch with family or friends, and perhaps other purposes. No matter what they do, there will always be a goal.

Now you need to remember the most important thing is, in most cases, Internet users are seeking certain information. They go to Google to search for something; they go to Wikipedia to learn something; they are on the corporate site for product information. They always have a goal.


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