how to Transfer Data Between a Cell Phone and ComputerIt's an all-too-common problem - disappearing contacts. It only takes a minute to set up an automated backup on your phone. You can keep your contacts current, accessible from anywhere and transferable to any new phone. Safeguard Against Loss or Theft of Your Phone so to do these process.

How to save your phone contacts number in ANDROID: Super Backup (Free): It can backup contacts as well as SMS and is one of the easiest apps to use. By default, contacts are backed up to the phone's internal storage and you can set them to be automatically uploaded to Google Drive. Schedule regular automatic backups if you add contacts regularly. The app is ad supported and you can remove them by purchasing Super Backup Pro.

How to save contact number in IOS Smartphone

My Contacts Backup Pro (Price: $2): This app is great value. In addition to easy backup & restoration, it has several other useful features. The backup is always sent to your email and you can also have it saved to Dropbox. You can manage contacts over WiFi from a browser, set a reminder for regular backup and remove.

How to take backup in WINDOWS PHONE

Contacts Backup (Free): The built-in backup in Windows Phone does not support backup of contacts. With the free Contacts Backup app, you can choose to backup contacts from your synced account along with their photos. You will need to give the app access to your OneDrive storage to save the backup directly to the cloud. You can even restore using the app by downloading

How to save contacts in BLACKBERRY: Free Contact Backup by Ajani InfoTech (Free) -For BlackBerry 10 users, this free app lets you backup all your contacts with a single tap. You can choose to do a complete backup or backup of selected contacts. There is also the option to merge duplicate contacts and send the backup via mail. Older BlackBerry users can try out the free Backup Contacts app by Amaira Soft for the same.

How to Automatically Updating Contacts

When we last wrote about them, Addappt and 6degrees were single platform (iOS and Android, respectively). Now, both have iOS and Android apps.

6degrees automatically backs up contacts -if you get someone else to join as well, their contacts become self-updating. It can search multiple fields, find remove duplicates or restore to another device.However, 6degrees also allows you to search for people and get introduced if you have mutual contacts. As a user, if you want total privacy, you can choose to have your own contact details hidden.

Addappt is also a contacts replacement app and relies on invitations -it uses email IDs to identify users.Once you download the app, you can invite people with a few taps. Once connected, changes to your own info will automatically get updated in others lists. It also syncs with the device's native address book, updating it as you go along.

How to Transfer contact to other Devices

There could be multiple reasons to transfer contacts from one phone to other. You might be upgrading to a new phone or want a second phone with all your contacts. A few manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Lenovo & LG have their own apps for seamless contact transfer from one device to other. For others, check the following

INTOUCHAPP: (Free for Android, BlackBerry and iOS) This app automatically backs up all your contacts on the first run. To use it for transfer, you will need to do an in-app purchase -US$ 5year for single device or US$ 11.99year for a professional plan (up to 6 devices). The app automatically keeps your phonebook synced across different devices using a WiFidata connection.

PHONECOPY: (Free for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Limited to 500 contacts) This free app is available for most smartphone platforms and even for Windows and Mac OS X. It works in the same way -you create a free account, backup your contacts to PhoneCopy and the app then sync them across all your devices. There's a premium version that offers backup and transfer of unlimited contacts for $25 per year.

DESKTOP SOFTWARE: You can get your smartphone contacts to sync with Microsoft Outlook using the supplied desktop managerphone software suite. Once the contacts are synced to Outlook, they can be exported as a single file and then synced with your email contacts. Whenever you sign-in to a smartphone with that email id, your contacts will be automatically synced.The alternate way is to use software like MobileTrans (US$ 19.95year). This lets you transfer your entire phone contents from one device to another using data cable. Both devices have to be connected at the same time, and the software transfers contacts, messages and even all multimedia in just few minutes. It works across different smartphone platforms. Manage phone contacts from a PC

If you have an Android phone, you can manage it using a PC. Our favourite tool for this is Air Droid which works within a web browser. Download the free app and you will be able to transfer stuff, backup data and even remotely trackwipe your device ­ all through a web browser. For additional stuff like text message backup and spy cam features, try Once again, you need the free app and you can access your phone through a browser. SnapPea, on the other hand (http:www.snappea.comwindows), keeps all data (including contacts) backed up. You can also use it to download apps on the PC (so that you don't use the phone's data connection).

TIPs for google and dropbox: Google Photos, Dropbox and iCloud can automatically upload photosvideos that you capture to the cloud. Be sure to set these up to upload over WiFi to safeguard these digital memories.


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