newest Google Panda update
Google or many Search Engine are daily or timely update their Engine with new privacy or clean up for Better Results so now a new Google Panda 4.0 4.1 launched by Search Engine Company Google. After this many sites drop downs by coming this. But you know why it’s happen and how to cleanup you site for better results and Page rank in Google. So here we are sharing some valuable info about Google Panda.

Did you know panda official update are working since the 25th of May 2/2011 and 24 updates?

What’s new in Panda 4.0 or 4.1: Panda was born algorithms to control and evaluate the content of the site and determine the quality of website content better. Before the Panda algorithm, many webmasters just write content to serve Google, which is full of good signal to Google assess and rank high, but all the content that are created by software out, or content that is no more useful to the reader. The purpose of the content on the top which is to make money from advertising, or make money from affiliate links.

Google ranked first in the search field, and they want that content is always topped the best service to readers. Panda born to do it, Panda is updated to remove duplicate content, content for advertising purposes, such as niche content sites, stuffing content Key of SEO.

Why panda algorithm makes: This is for contents of the generic, non-specific, and no significant difference compared to good ratings sites. So, the exactly SEO or webmaster will got more difficult. If you want come to top than you have needed to create unique content for readers. This is really difficult but not impossible.

The saying "Content is King" should be eliminated and should be more specific "unique content & quality is king". The easiest proof for this is that the social network signal is pushed; people share more of that content. But it should be noted, Google like Twitter than Facebook.
In this update with the results of the query frequently, affecting approximately 7.5% of the Panda to English.

What are the steps or how to make Panda or SEO friendly site: Before Panda affect your site, or you want to sustainability and long-term top, you should see a few tutorials and SEO following note, this is extremely important.

Remove duplicate content on your site (including descriptions, Meta, title) and replace it with original content created by you, the content quality and user retention.
Rewrite or replace the articles short, all nature, all keyword stuffing, and multiple keywords.
Rearrange the ad placement on your website to ensure it does not affect the ability of the reader to read the article.

The directory, easy menu so people can find related content. In particular, the transition from post to post another easier. Keep users in the page as long as possible.
Check and remove or fix all the broken links 404! You can go here:
Links between the posts makes sense to talk about a problem expansion. With external links, it is best to link to large reputable sites.
Integrated sharing buttons for web so people can easily share your content anywhere on the network.
Drilling Practice, read the note above some once again. And also note below notes for better results. But you make sure you reader the note above was offline.
  • Certainly the content that you create first
  • Certainly no duplicate content
  • Definitely not a spam content or boring


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