Website SEO optimization process is typically, many webmasters and SEO for image optimization is often overlooked, but in fact, every website and ultimately have a lot of pictures (for example: NVRTHUB blog), so optimize your website and optimize other pictures content, become an important task of SEO content.

on Page image SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs-BloggerIf you can successfully optimize the picture's ranking SEO, not only can reduce the negative effects of pictures on the site, it is possible for the site to bring traffic to be underestimated, and that several large search engines are specifically written for the picture spider, then we in the end how to do a good photo site SEO optimization it?

Original picture: If you have original picture than it will be of great advantage, even if you are got from someone or bought the picture than good, you have the picture on your site, the better to enjoy more of the mastership You can make those pictures of your LOGO, trademark or URL, so retailers can deliver their products to the best form to their users, rather than your competition is similar, but only for the one forms.

Quality of the picture: If your image have high quality, then you can freely between full screen and the small diagram form any conversion, and those pictures show a clear contrast better, because when one picture into a smaller size, it needs to have a stronger contrast to a good show, so you can attract more people to watch.

Picture size and type: Your image size should be best for your page browsing speed and don’t discourage the visitors spending time so make picture size and type should be SEO friendly. Picture format will be better for JPG, PNG and GIF images. NVRTHUB suggest that owners can save the picture as a JPG or GIF format, because now is the general use of GIF and JPEG formats, search engines usually GIF format as a standard 256 color images, when the JPG with millions of colors for a photo, we do not recommend the use of PNG and BMP formats, both of which are very large format volume.
Responsive Images and SEO Best PracticeDescribe of Picture naming: Take a picture and give the name to picture which matches your text content or topic. Because image name will appear in the image search results, when searching for users to browse some of their favorite chart picture, which can form a communication user, do not think image editor that will tell you the name of the default image optimization, the default name for the search engines do not have any role in communications, and therefore should be set in advance of a naming architecture.

How to put ALT tags in image: Whenever anyone put searc query in Search Engine than Search site will learned ALT tags, but we don’t necessarily attention to the ALT tag, there are some articles in the hair because of the process, there are a lot of pictures copied, causing some pictures no ALT tags, and some tags are clicking to the next page of this meaningless labels.

ALT tags are meant to do: not only have to describe every picture ALT tag, but also to write the label intact, writing a good ALT tag is a short sentence can be summarized picture content, of course, remember to add a primary key articles Oh word go!

Around the picture with the keyword: In the picture around with the keyword can not only increase the picture in the relevant keyword search rankings, but also help search engines interpret the picture, increasing the picture included, thus increasing from pictures to traffic.

Image annotation:You should move your pictures and your actual product, set keywords, and enough features to describe the combination, but you can take advantage of the special label platform for social websites designed not only to give the name of the image enough attention, in addition you can also add some special labels such as captions, comments, design groups, locations and themes.

Pictures availability: Availability for image search optimization is very important to let your images are displayed in the forefront of the image search results, and allows users to connect into your website through your pictures.

In response, NVRTHUB suggest that owners can write some text selective (it will be displayed in the search engine image search results) will encourage users to connect into your website, and sometimes added to the picture that are not mark will attract significant user comments and participation.

Picture localization: Most of the general station owners in the picture is copied from the Internet over, therefore, NVRTHUB suggest that you can localize the picture.

This is the same and text optimization, Google has made it clear that it would regard to consider the actual content of the page before and after the text by understanding the keyword, so the text before and after pictures will also be part of the optimization.

About the benefits of localization of three: First, accelerate the speed of image loading, and second, to prevent the loss of the picture, the three pictures can bring traffic, therefore, set about, your pictures will localize it!

Placing classified sites pictures: Through technical means to store pictures on the site in a folder, folder or column to classify press time, this one is easy to manage all of the website pictures, but also conducive to search engine indexes and indexed.

For the pictures do external links: Created on your web server a suitable search engine Pictures folder is necessary, and also to do some external links for these pictures to attract search engine spiders to crawl, do not let your search robot skip image documents.

Where the optimized page picture: Optimize the picture where the pages and optimize the picture itself is equally important (specifically to see NVRTHUB blog " website images optimized classification which "related presentations), optimization-related pages can improve image search results, search engines crawling the content will Look at the picture surrounding text to determine the correlation between the dimension text and anchor text next to the text next to the picture of a certain influence on the image search ranking, if you tag images and text are interested, you can also try.

For some suitable location pictures plus some appropriate links, such as logo image link address of the site is home to our website, so that our logo image is likely to be a search engine as our own website logo, or a material to collect.

There is to make the link to some of our articles related descriptions that these images can have a good description of the role of these articles and these pictures will play a good consistent optimization, which is the best, or that As long as you can find a collection of pictures of our text, as long as you can find a collection of text pictures!

Expanding the number of users: Extend your theme, image search for retailers is not just a direct access to a user, in fact, there are many creative ways to let corporate users interested in you, so you need to do first is to increase website traffic and conversions.

For example, the factory can publish their production step process diagram, showing the details of the hotel in addition to the room; can also show pictures of the decoration and furniture, restaurant can show some very attractive picture.

Control the number of pictures: In one glance, the picture is fine but not that much, if the picture too, will not only increase the page size, page layout will increase the difficulty.

Therefore, unless a picture station, NVRTHUB generally suggest that you do a web page text over three pictures, so both should play a role in the picture, and can ensure the normal web browsing.

Pictures website is also a test server, the server cannot get a lot of support, it also makes one of the reasons a lot of pictures station rankings bad, server site optimization has become a picture of a very important part of optimizing picture do you stand inside the station Well done on the server cannot support, search engines have no interest in it!

Fewer pictures as anchor text: This mainly refers to you and others to exchange links, do not take the form of images, from the perspective of SEO optimization, images better than text links as links to a lot worse.

Doesn’t use a script that calls the search engine cannot be retrieved?
People often make a mistake, "Click thumbnail larger map" which has a JavaScript connection, if you do so; the search engine is unable to retrieve your images document.

Remember, do not use some and some search engines do not easily recognizable script, it will damage your friendship and the search engine is not recommended that you call the script!

Picture attention: If you want to locate those popular keywords, then you need to upload some of the original picture based on the information specific hot spot, because the picture of the attention for the search engines is also a very important indicator determines the correlation.

Image watermark settings: We have seen many pictures of the site will have a watermark, the watermark has two main effects, one is to promote the site, and the other is a witness copyright.

The second effect may now have not played together, but first role is quite obvious, adding watermark on your site as long as the reprint function allows customers to have the URL of your site which is also good! NVRTHUB to remind you when to make the watermark must be careful not to let the watermark affected the whole feeling of the picture, as it is counterproductive up.

Pictures included with the industry to observe: The last point is very important to always observe their own picture industry included a picture of your site is not included graphic Website: SEO optimization techniques will search the image and effects the rankings of site presentations.


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