Walking During PregnancyWalking is healthy exercises that help you during pregnancy, is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular regardless of weight and shape you like. So start slow in the beginning if you never walk regularly, then brisk walking for 20 minutes. If you do not set any other exercises for pregnant women, you can walk for 20 minutes, 2 times a day.

If you regularly walk before pregnancy, continue this practice until birth. Please join any activity as long as your muscles healthy. Walking every day and make a habit for her.

Walking increases your energy: To enhance energy levels have decreased during pregnancy, you should start walking. Pregnancy can make you feel really tired and lethargic. Can you ever think of athletes as fatigue will make her exhausted but the truth is exactly the opposite? 20 minutes of brisk walking not only increases energy, but also help you energized for the next several hours, and as you continue to walk every day, you can improve overall energy levels and mood.

Walking helps for better sleep: If you have insomnia, should walk every day. Walking bring amazing benefits for pregnant women. It frees up all the excess energy, lull you into a deep sleep. Research shows that mothers often walk while pregnant sooner and more restful sleep.

Improve overall health, easy childbirth: Walking promotes circulation to the entire body and strengthens abdominal muscles - muscles in the body are important. This will help you better pain. You will give birth more easily and in a shorter time if you walk each day when the gourd.

Helps baby being overweight: Walking can help you have a healthy, balanced. Walking also helps burn calories and help your baby is not gaining weight excessively and unnecessarily. Walking also helps to protect the body from diabetes in pregnancy and Preeclampsia
Walking helps reduce constipation. Walking promotes intestinal activity; 20 minutes of brisk walking or 10 minutes slow walk can create amazingly effective.

Walking increases confidence - you can go out and meet new people while doing this, all of which increases confidence. Walking speed up recovery after childbirth - as often walking, as soon as your body is slim and balance after birth.

Walking helps happiness and optimism - walking helps the body produces endorphins - chemicals bring comfort, improve your mood, make you happy and love life. Walking helps your baby healthy and also more resilient after birth.

Walk safely: You should always walk, but never abused. Do not walk when you are having difficulty breathing, as it may cause harm to the baby. Do not walk when you are exhausted - this is not the time to push your body beyond its limits. If you are bleeding, pain or swelling in the calf, dizziness, shortness of breath, cramps early, unusually fast heartbeat, or leak fluid, be stopped immediately and call your doctor.