We know that Linux is a computer on top of this stuff works, so that Linux is a set of software. The problem is that this software is the operating system or application? Linux can operate and what kind of computer at the top? And Linux from where? Why Linux still does not spend money? These we had to talk about first! 

What is Linux and why is it so popular?
Know why they talk about it? Hey! Yes, because Linux is an operating system! As shown below, Linux is the core of the system call interface that layers. As Linux application counts it? Of course not it! This point should pay special attention.
Due to different hardware His performance function is not the same, such as IBM's Power CPU with the Intel x86 architecture is not the same! So the same set of operating systems on different hardware platforms cannot operate above! For example, if you want to get on top of the set to run x86 operating system can also operate on Power CPU, the operating system would have to be modified for the job. If you can reference hardware performance function and modify according to your operating system code, and that after the revision of the operating system after it can operate in another hardware platform above. This action we usually referred to as "porting" it!
Will the Windows operating system can (MAC) Installation and operation of Apple's Macintosh computers in the above?
A: From the above description, we know that the hardware is from "core" to control, and each has his own operating system core. In 2006 former Apple Computer Inc. is please to help develop IBM's hardware (the so-called Power CPU), and Apple Computer Inc. is developing its own operating system on the hardware architecture (that is commonly known as the Macintosh, MAC is also). Windows is one of the operating system on the x86 architecture development, so there is no way to install Windows to Macintosh computer hardware above.

However, later in 2006, Apple Computer, Intel, please turn to the design of its hardware architecture, that has turned its hardware architecture x86 systems, so when in 2006 after Apple Computer If you use the x86 architecture, the hardware is "may" be able to install the Windows operating system. However, you might need some way they want to handle the hardware compatibility.
Linux provides a complete operating system among the most complete architecture underlying hardware control and resource management, this architecture is a good tradition to follow Unix, it is quite stable and powerful! In addition, because of this excellent architecture can run on top of the current personal computer (x86 system), so a lot of software developers will be gradually transferred to their work effort above this framework, so the Linux operating system, there are many applications it !

Although Linux is the only tool of its core and core offer, but because of the integration of the core, the core tools and software developers to provide software makes Linux a more complete and powerful operating system Hello! After a rough understanding of Linux is the thing, then, we need to talk, "Why Linux is a very stable operating system it? How did he come from? "
Before Linux, UNIX history

As early as two years before the appearance of Linux (around 1970), there is a very stable and mature operating system in existence! That is the big brother of Linux "Unix" is also! How do you say? These two guys they have anything to you? Here, give him to talk about Hello!

It is well known, the core of Linux by Linus Torvalds in 1991 to give him time to develop out, and throw on the network to provide you download, then we think this little thing (Linux Kernel) is quite small and compact, so Slowly there are quite a lot of friends in this area of research into which small things go! But why is this little thing so stick it? And why everyone can free download these things? Ah! And other birds slowly Road to Columbia!