external hard drive repair tools How to kNow Fix a Crashed Hard DrivePrior to the study the detailed methods of hard disk failure, we need to first understand some basic knowledge of hard disk. 

The master boot record MBR

Hard drive is an external storage device for magnetic media, and on each side of the disc, with rotation axis as the axis, with a certain degree of magnetic density intervals of several concentric circles divided into tracks (Track), each track is divided into several sectors (Sector), the data is stored in sectors on the hard disk. The first sector of the hard disk (0 0, sector 1) is kept as the master boot sector. Master boot sector has two main items: the master boot record (booting to the operating system) and the hard disk partition table. When you start your computer reads the sectors of data, and to judge their legitimacy (sector the last two bytes are 55AA, AA55), as valid is the first instruction jumps to implement the sector. So the hard disk master boot sector virus is often the object of attack, so they may be tampered with or destroyed.

Hard disk controller

Hard disk controllers are hard disks and other external devices with the same interface specifications (such as a CD-ROM drive) managers, done by it commands and data between drives and memory. Hard disk controller failure or incorrect connection will result in a hard drive does not work.

The hard disk in the CMOS information

Hard disk information is also stored in the computer's CMOS, main hard drive type, capacity, number of cylinders, heads, each the number of sectors, addressing modes and other content, description of hard disk parameters in order to properly access the hard disk to your computer.

When the CMOS loses power or if an error occurs (generally prompts at startup "CMOS Checksum Error" or similar information), set the hard drive may be missing or incorrect, hard disk access does not work correctly. This situation we have to reformat the hard disk parameters, if you note the hard disk parameters in advance certain antivirus software or backup the CMOS information in advance, then you can simply retrieve manually; or you can also use the BIOS Setup (Setup) in the "automatically detect the hard disk type" (HD Type Auto Detection) function normally will get the correct result.
Not the problem
Our computer will often occur a thing that seem very wrong, in fact just frightens ourselves, and namely tugs head, move the jumper to lift a finger. Common makes you break out in a cold sweat in the hard disk bootstrap problems mainly in the following two ways:
System does not recognize the hard drive:
Such failures are the most common, when post completes prompted with the following error message:

HDD controller failure Press F1 to Resume

Above e paper means "hard drive will not boot" and even sometimes use automatic surveillance function cannot detect the hard disk in the CMOS. When the above information, and should focus checks related to the hard drive power cable, data cable connector for damage, loose or bad contact, the reverse phenomenon, in addition to common cause is the master/slave jumper is set incorrectly on your hard disk.

Inspections, troubleshooting:
Reseat the hard drive power cable, data cable, or plug the data lines, replacing the other IDE port test.

CMOS error fault:

Powered on displays the following message:
Drive not ready error Insert Boot Diskette in A
Press any key when ready...
The error described above occurred, belongs to the CMOS settings wrong CMOS information loss caused by caused by insufficient power supply.
The correct CMOS settings will directly affect the normal use of the hard disk. When hard drive type error is often read/write error occurred, in some cases, simply unable to boot the system. Like the hard disk in the CMOS type is less than the actual hard drive size, then the back of the hard drive sectors will not be able to read and write.
Inspections, troubleshooting:

Reset CMOS reset or discharge data.

If not for two reasons above, then your hard disk is mostly "hanging", and would like to scrap it out easy, change the new hard drives.

Hardware trouble shooting

Hard physical failure is due to mechanical parts or electronic components of the hard disk for physical damage caused. Common hardware failure is your hard disk bad track, special cases of the most serious manifestations of zero track is damaged.

Disk bad sectors repair:

Disk bad sectors into logical and physical bad sectors bad track two, which provides logical failure, usually caused by improper operation or use of the software, available software fix for the latter physical faults, indicating that your hard disk has physical damage track, can only be solved by changing or hiding the hard disk sector.

The logical bad sectors repair

For the logical bad sectors, with the Windows "disk scanning program (Scandisk)" is the most simple and common solutions. If the hard drive has bad sectors, we can run in Windows systems "Scandisk", it will scan the hard disk completely, and automatic corrections of possible bad clusters do.

Other than Scandisk, there are a lot of good third-party repair tool, such as the NDD Norton Disk Doctor (Norton Disk Doctor) repair logical bad sectors of your hard disk and PCTOOLS is in good hands.

In addition, the hard drive manufacturers for factory hard drive series Disk Manager-specific procedures, more familiar with the circuit for the hard disk itself and the curing process and are easier to fix hard drive errors. Therefore suggested that everyone go download a copy of manufacturer's exclusive Disk Manager Program, easy to repair your hard drive.
The physical isolation of bad sectors

For appeared beyond repair bad clusters on your hard disk or physical bad sectors, we can use some disk software to separate it into a zone and hides, allows the head and not to read it, so you can keep your hard drive to a certain extent to extend the service life. Needs to be emphasized is that when you use a hard disk with bad sectors, must be data backup process, because there is a bad track on the hard drive after more bad road will come, so that despite its sympathy to the repositories that you left.

Zero tracks damage repair:

In the process of using your hard drive, when zero tracks found damaged, hard drive under normal circumstances there is sentenced to death, it is difficult to repair. For hard drive sector 0 is damaged, however, though more difficult, but not hopeless. Rational use some disk software that masks out the damaged sector 0 and replaced with sector 1 and "revive" the possibility, such software is Pctools and Norton NU.

Enter NU 8.0 Toolkit directory, run the main program NORTON.EXE, then select "disk editor Diskedit" after successfully running selected "object Object", choose "partition table" after the starting sector of the hard disk sector 1 to 0 from 0 0 column 1 column 1 sectors. Also needs to be said is that changes value according to the specific case may be. Last exit to restart the computer after the file, simply use the Format command to format the hard disk.
Repaired track 0 with DE damaged hard drives

Hard drive repair Hard disk bad sectors repair strategy

Hard drives are an important part of a computer, all information and data will be stored on the hard disk, once the hard drive has errors, sometimes data loss will be bi-abnormal a larger loss of computer scrap. However, as one of the computer's hardware, many people thought that the hard drive is not easily prone to damage, once the bad is the situation that will not start, it was considered bad track is easy to identify the discovered software such as disk doctors repair on the line, then no lower! in fact, disk bad sectors, it can almost be called the Achilles ' heel of your hard disk. I've seen a lot of opportunity, they use a variety of software repairs, and finally examples of huge hard drives into a piece of scrap iron.

Repair disk bad sectors

For the logical bad sectors, we can repair physical bad sectors, we isolated approach should be adopted in order to minimize losses, preventing the further proliferation of bad sectors as the goal. I've seen some people blow said in the newspaper with a special software can repair physical bad sectors, is low for many hard disk on top of superstition, it is misleading language. So-called low-level format, refers to a blank disk divided into cylinder? A low-level format can only be done in DOS environment and only for one-disk and could not support a separate partition. Some tracks and bad sector low level format so that they can fix, but for real physical hard disk surface scratches cannot be repaired, that only through mark bad sectors location, in order to let the operating system not to use in order to prevent the expansion of bad track and longer using your hard drive. Would like to emphasize in particular, low-level format operation is a loss, life has a negative effect on the hard drive, so if not necessary, users try low level format the hard drive.

For the logical bad sectors, usually we use the operating system's tools and some dedicated hard disk checking tools can find and fix it. For example: Windows comes with Scandisk ScanDisk is most commonly used in hard disk logical bad sectors found tools and common Format command cannot be performed on any disk bad sectors repair role, we must understand this point. We may be in the Windows system environment, in "my computer" select the hard disk drive letter to process, select the "Properties" appears on the "Tools" button, select "check status", and then "scan type", select "full inspection" and the "automatically fix errors" on the "hook" and then "start". If the disk scan at system startup does not or cannot enter Windows system, we also use floppy or CD boot disk after you start the computer, in the appropriate drive letter, such as "a:" run Scandisk *: (Note: * hard disk drive you want to scan) and return later to repair the corresponding need to scan fixed hard disk partition.

However, if it is a hard disk physical bad sectors, then don't try to use these methods to repair, instead repeatedly with various tools to scan, is mandated by multiple read and write physical bad sectors on the hard drive will be more bad road, and diffusion, the correct method is to use the following way to decisively isolate where bad. This is a very difficult way, but a 20GB hard disk, if because of the bad road, blocking the 15GB, total 5 GB spaces are available, if you do not do so, and the end result was all scrap the entire hard drive.