What is cybercafe and how to earn moneyIn modern times, the computer has become the need of every individual. Offices, shops, big and small, ranging from sweets are working through the computer. This is not necessarily all had computers or Internet access. It needs to complete cyber cafe where your work can be some expense. The crowd at cyber cafes stores earning the witness how it is self-employed.
How to earn money from Cyber Cafe: The computer has become the greatest source of self-employment earnings today. If you have the space of just two rooms, so you can operate the computer cafe. Computer systems can be placed in two rooms about 10-15. 15 customers in terms of earning an hour would come to Rs 20 to 30 per hour fee. So, your one hour income wills be Rs 300. By spending time 10 to 12 hours you can earn more and more money from this business. It would have been self-employed, which is increasing day by day. By these 15 computers you can earn upto Rs 30 thousand per month exclude all expenses.
Types of Customer: In this business children and every age people will come for this. Today Little children have much more craze for playing computer games. Most of us have seen in the 6 to 12-year old children climbing to cafe stick of computer. School boys find information related to their course keep coming at cafes. Official’s person comes to café for office work purpose. The most rush work in the evenings between 8pm to 11 pm because more people have free time.
How to choose the right palace: This is not necessary for cafe to operate in special place. It can be operate at your own house or shop. In the narrow streets of the small town of Concrete computer cafes can be found nowadays. But yes, the largest market in Delhi’s Connaught Place Cafe when you install the 50 to Rs 60 per hour charges. While it is in the midst of tight spaces is taken low.
Important things don’t forget for cyber café: Where you want start self-employment you should have place of modern furniture, rooms lights and fans. Generators facility should have compulsory for power brake, because it can reflect your earnings. Every computer should have the trolley is necessary to keep proper facility of the box in which the customer can sit and learn the Internet. Today, the most important time of the CCTV cameras inside the cafe is a need, so do not be unusual. Must be shall register the day of the full details of the customer (name and address).
Legal Provisions: Registration is required to operate the cafe and you should have all the profiles of net users. Last few years many terrorist activities done by cyber café considerable. Delhi Police and state police have given the guidelines to cyber café operators should have submit proof of identity of their customers. Due to the security provisions such as these laws are essential to safety. So the cafe owners have needed to give the details of their work to local police.

Computer Information: Currently, the wave of the computer revolution. If you want self employment and start a computer Café than you have need computer surfing and basic knowledge, because if customer have need your help than you have help them.