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The History of Electronic Mail wiki email history and latest trend
In recent years, e-mail as a means of communication at the same time continue the rapid development, but also created opportunities and challenges for the software industry and global companies. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) was formally established in 1986, aims to establish Internet standards and best practices for using the Internet influence.

After the 1990s, the popularity of the World Wide Web has changed the computing industry's prospects, thousands of computer users rushed to use the Internet to handle business and entertainment.

Software companies to develop the public favorite e-mail client and server software, and through free downloads and high-end business applications provide enhanced functionality. Internet and Web browsing usage growth, many companies released a Web-based e-mail solutions, and are usually free to the end user to provide the support under frequent advertising sponsorship. Provider of enterprise software business has been in constant innovation, provides enhanced features to help IT departments more effectively and securely manage e-mail system, while helping information workers deal with the numerous challenges posed email management. Now, the combination of telephone and e-mail system allows users to access voice mail and faxes via e-mail client, and handheld devices have been widely popular, users can access e-mail via mobile phone.

Increasing importance of e-mail technology has become a competitive global business. System Manager is also facing more challenges, such as providing staff with enhanced features to make it competitive while protecting their networks and intellectual capital.

Evolution of e-mail security threats

In the past five years, we have witnessed the security risks faced by e-mail users and companies become increasingly serious. Viruses, worms, spam, phishing, spyware and a range of newer, more sophisticated attack methods, making e-mail communication and managing e-mail infrastructure has become a more risky behavior. Many identity theft incidents that may occur, the results will lead to intellectual property rights have been infringed and personal information (such as credit card numbers and social security numbers) are lost. These issues and the success led to the establishment of electronic communications privacy control, tracking and journaling new regulations.

Viruses and worms

The first major e-mail worm was Melissa appeared in March 1999; and in May 2000, ILOVEYOU virus on the Internet e-mail messages caused serious damage. Because of these viruses, attachment filtering and blocking has become standard e-mail functions. Now, some attachments would normally be such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Outlook Web Access (OWA) client separate from the e-mail during the transmission and prevent. Anti-virus solutions can run e-mail delivery process, or run when it is stored in the server and e-mail client. Typically, the client and server must implement anti-virus solutions. In fact, many companies are prohibited current anti-virus software is not running a machine connected to the network.

Spam and phishing scams

In early 2000, spam had become a major problem, the effectiveness of e-mail that it had a serious impact. In 2002, the US Federal Trade Commission began deceptive spam regulation, but because there is a huge difference between the laws of the country, making the law difficult to enforce measures in the global system is similar to the Internet. Spam not only makes people angry, but also typically used in phishing scams to steal information and money. Spam is a very cheap advertising (or attack) method, even very low click-through rate is also very effective. Radicati Group, Inc estimated that 2006 will be sent daily average of more than 100 billion spam, accounting for two-thirds of all e-mail communications. To download the full report, please see the Microsoft Exchange Market Share Statistics, 2005 (in English).

Against spam technology from some very simple ideas, such as deleting an e-mail containing the prohibited words. Now, these ideas developed into a variety of spam detection and reduce spam technology. Current solutions still include word blockers, but now they also include sophisticated spam detection tools like Microsoft Smart Screen% 26 # 8482; technology. Quick search on the Internet will find a lot of sales against spam Technology Company, while there are many people willing to help others avoid the anti-spam detection procedures. Unfortunately, the anti-spam detection technology continues to improve, while trying to avoid anti-spam detection is also improving. Anti-Spam detection software, like antivirus software, also needs to be updated regularly to remain effective.

Attacks and new challenges

Nineties, computer experts can understand some common coding errors (such as buffer overflows). Becoming more and more common in the computer connected via network, these vulnerabilities have become more vulnerable to exploitation. Prior to this, the virus is still spread by floppy disk, and after this, attacks become more complex. There are many ingenious methods use memory management errors (including the use of integer overflow), and these methods are very popular in secret communities. Cross-site scripting (CSS) and other scripts into technology used to attack Web applications. Many of the current attack are for the money, and the previous attack is usually to arouse public attention.

We know that malicious users typically use the tool to automatically find and exploit vulnerabilities. These tools include a tool called "fuzz" and such tools can intercept the normal input, and then modify it, or generate an error output. Using these tools can also identify coding errors that can be used to execute code. These tools are used in reverse engineering or used to identify program changes have been many improvements. Now, using the Microsoft product development process a variety of "fuzzer" and analysis tools to identify these potential code defects so that the product can be corrected prior to delivery of these defects. For example, developers use Visual Studio analysis to find defects in their code. Run a code analysis tool is one of the changes as part of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) (in English) by the introduction of Microsoft.
What Blockchain and Bitcoin Mean for the Protection Business You may have heard the expressions "blockchain" or "Bitcoin" utilized as a part of tech hovers in the course of recent years. These ideas, alongside intense utilize cases, are changing how we consider money, exchanges and contracts.

Simultaneously, they're likewise changing how we consider the protection business. These progressions will affect protection bearers and operators, and how protection is purchased and sold. That implies understanding blockchain and Bitcoin is essential in case you're hoping to win in the cutting edge protection industry. This post has you secured. It gives meanings of blockchain and Bitcoin, at that point separates why this data is critical to protection industry experts. 


In their book Blockchain Upheaval, Wear and Alex Tapscott clarify that blockchain is "the brilliantly straightforward, progressive convention that enables exchanges to be at the same time mysterious and secure by keeping up a sealed open record of significant worth." The blockchain is intended to store exchange records ("obstructs") in numerous spots, connected to each other (henceforth the "chain" some portion of the name) and straightforward to any client who wishes to see them. Critically, this record can't be changed, so anybody can see a typical and exact rundown of authentic exchanges. Bitcoin is a kind of computerized money that utilization's blockchain innovation. It's not by any means the only one that utilization blockchain, yet is one of the more prevalent alternatives available. Despite the fact that bitcoin is the most famous cryptographic money upheld by blockchain innovation, other advanced monetary forms, for example, ether and litecoin—utilize blockchain innovation too. All bitcoin exchanges are recorded in a decentralized open record that can't be adjusted. In principle, this is something worth being thankful for on the grounds that it makes trust among all gatherings of the exchange and gives an unmistakable trail of procurement that avoids fake exchanges. This is one manner by which blockchain can possibly change exchanges. However, remember that blockchain does not need to be money related. 

Ramifications OF BLOCKCHAIN AND BITCOIN FOR THE Protection Business Blockchain applications like cryptocurency, shrewd contracts and decentralized models for protection will change how protection is appropriated. What's more, when you change how protection is disseminated, you significantly modify how existing players profit and test business as usual. Insurance agencies could utilize the blockchain to make a disseminated record that cultivates straightforwardness, successfully tracks cases and exchange history, and gives perceivability into the authenticity of a claim. Brilliant contracts based on the blockchain can balance deceitful claims by recording exchange history on people in general system, which would dismiss different cases for a similar occasion. This could spare the business billions and open up gigantic chances to make huge measures of significant worth for buyers. Cryptocurriencies can make trust amongst safety net providers and their clients could make trust. For example, INGUARD was the principal insurance agency to acknowledge bitcoin installments. We did this since it was the correct activity for our well informed clients—a state of mind very rare in the protection business today. Consider: 40% of protection premiums turn over every year—and 66% of buyers would purchase protection on the web in the event that they could. 

What's more, and, after its all said and done, they're scarcely happy with back up plan sites. Shoppers don't confide in their safety net providers to put their best advantages on the most fundamental level or execute in a reasonable, break even with way. Bitcoin and blockchain innovation, as we would see it, are devices that can possibly carefully ensure customers, as well as reestablish assume that their needs are being met. Innovation appropriation in the protection business ought to dependably make more an incentive for shoppers. It should expel contact from the purchasing procedure and empower a superior client encounter. What's more, its adequacy ought to be estimated by consumer loyalty, not the amount PR or advertising duplicate another framework creates. That doesn't generally happen. In any case, with the focal points blockchain innovation gives, that could begin to change. Also, that will be advance in reality.