hidden secerets of google plus and facebook
Facebook and google Plus user are increasing day by day, but some one knows about best features of these social sites. In this topic we will discuss about how it is most important for you.
How to Control and easy to maintain your profile page in Facebook or Google Plus: Despite the fact that the majority of users prefer to get more Facebook social network, but Google has continued to develop its Google+ social network. In particular, Google- Google+ user is trying to connect accounts, Youtube, Blogger, Gmail and other popular services and link accounts trying to engage Google+ network. Despite the very few use this network, but it has a number of advantages over Facebook- Let's see what those benefits.

Delightful Design: Unlike Facebook- in, Google+ network has an excellent design that is easily modified depending on the screen size. In addition, this network includes beautiful animations that are more beautiful design.
Gif animations: Google+ network is possible to put Gif animations. I think this is a very important advantage over Facebook- as many users like these animations.
Deleted Pictures Recovery: Google+ network deleted pictures do not disappear forever. Users can sometimes changed his mind and return to their deleted photos: Google+ network allows you to "Recycle Bin" to recover deleted pictures from:

Gmail- in cooperation with: Without any one of them Mail to us, you can easily send a letter to him via Google+, if he is to your friends: Gmail- who can write Google+ network user name and send him a letter.
Photo quality is not changing: Almost all social networks are changing the photo quality: Google+ network with almost no changes on photo quality. Anyway, here placed in photo quality is better than Facebook.
Edit photos: Google+ network includes a number of tools that can help you edit your photos (cut, add efektren, adjust colors, etc.).

There are no editing history records: Facebook recently appeared in the editing records, but it is also shown, along with other users of all previous versions of that note. But the Google+ network do not appear on the entry of the old versions, only to be informed that this post has been modified. Why should people See our records is incorrect or incomplete versions.

Automatic # Hashtags: Hashtags are a lot of social networks make it easy to search for information related to the same topic: Google+ network automatically heshtager put your records to make them easier to find people. Share whereabouts: Google+ and Google Maps service network partnership allows network Google+ to share your location with friends: Google+ network displays your location on the opinions of friends.

Advertise yet: Google+ network is not trying to make money through ads displayed here is only the information that you want to see.
Off post comments: Most users want their followers to spread the records, but do not want to write a comment: Google+ network's comments and distributions to disable the function.
Statistics records: Google+ Ripples via Google+ network can see detailed statistics about the extent of any post or website.
Notices (Notifications): Google+ network hide and seen notices and notifications every time you see a window opening of the new notifications. Unlike Facebook, apps, notifications do not appear here.

Collaboration with Google- search: This is really a very useful function for bloggers and authors of materials for: Google- search results are displayed on their profiles and pictures.
Profile: Google+ network can see the number of people who visited your profile. Here are the headquarters of greater size photos and profiles look more beautiful.
I think the above-mentioned facts and functions are actually very useful and convenient, but nevertheless, in this social network still continue to use a very small number of users. If you are registered on the network, then you can follow my profile or's homepage.