What is LinkedIn and Why Should You Join
In short, we can say LinkedIn is the business-oriented market like a Facebook. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and till now its successfully working. LinkedIn have many options some linked most common features we are sharing in here.

Personal profile page

First of all, you have created a personal profile page. This site functions primarily as an online CV, where there is opportunity to be recommended. On your personal page, you can also share your own news and commentary. It's free to create - but you can purchase a number of options that provide additional benefits.

Business Page Creating in LinkedIn

It is ideal for your company to create its own business page. It is possible to customize the design and layout to match the company's profile. Like Facebook, the company's side attracts fans (followers). You can create news that automatically spread to the company's followers. This can give a positive viral effect and interaction with fans / followers. The company page can target specific segments (ie adjusted) and all kinds of content can be integrated - for example news from your own website, videos and products. LinkedIn gives you via statistics module to measure who visits the page so you can target your sales efforts. You can get lots of inspiration by checking out the best company pages and LinkedIn

Individual groups

You can create your own groups where you / your company can gather relationship with common interests. Here you can sure create interest in yourself and your business, and promote a "community" on an interest, product, or others? There are many possibilities for own groups to engage the people who have interests that coincide with yours.
So the conclusion is LinkedIn is the best SEO strategy for web business or marketing tools.