Search engine optimization SEO tips - When using search engine optimization, or SEO as it is also called, so to do it in order to get more visitors from Google. To optimize its website, then Google simply don't understand what it is about, and when a person enters a keyword in Google that matches your blog so it will come become seen as more relevant, and get higher up in the search results. You experience guaranteed already that part of your readers come from either social media after a sharing on Facebook, or from other blogs that link to yours, but you can get a lot of visitors from Google, which searches on exactly the topic you are writing about.
An example might be that you have made a review of a product from When a person searches on this exact product on Google, you can increase the likelihood that your post will be read, and that you are helping the reader to find out whether it is a product that fits her needs. It can help a great deal to the person who is searching for a specific product, to read a review of one which has actually tested the product and your blog posts therefore means a great deal for many people.

Search engine optimization top SEO of blog Website

But your post helps, of course, only if you can find it using a Google search. Here are 6 simple tips on how to make your blog more search engine optimized, and thereby get more readers on your blog.
They facilitate - Use English words in your title and your URL. It confuses Google if the title is in English and the text is in Danish, and it is therefore important to be consistent and stick to a language.
Make a catchy and significant title to your posts. It is often the first people see both when your post will be shared on social media and when people find it using Google. Headlines watchman also higher in Google and it is therefore important that it tells what the post is about, so your post comes high up in relevant searches.
Insert the name of your photos, as well as write a telling description of the image's alternative text. Google cannot read images, so you help Google understand what the image is about, so it is also possible that your image, and thus your post also come about through Google image searches.
The difficult - Change your permanent URL structure so your blog title appears in the URL when you make a new post. In WordPress it is made on the Options tab à Permalinks. Here you must select the Entry Name, and then the title of your blog post will also be the URL obtained.
Insert and use Google Analytics on your blog. With this plugin you have a sea of choices, and you can keep up with, among other things, how many who follow and read your blog, which posts are most popular, and much more. An indispensable tool when one blogger.
Think about the words you use in your post – are the words and phrases that people would search for on Google? Looking for people for example most often on ceiling lamp or pendant? It is quite as simple changes that can make a difference. If you want to work more seriously with keywords, you can use the Google keyword planning, which prompts you to select the search for new keywords and ad group ideas, and then enter a word in the first field and pressing the button get ideas. Then you can select the keyword ideas tab and few alternatives to what people are looking at and possibly also write posts from it.
It was a small list of basic search engine optimization techniques, which, if you follow them, will make sure that your blog come up higher in Google searches and that you thus get more readers. And it has shown no blogger who says no thanks to.


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