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What is a Sitemap and sitemap generator - today we will discuss about this topic. A sitemap is essentially a file hosted among the other files in your website that provides search engines that may visit (crawl) your page with information about the content of your website. The site map protocol typically defines XML structure that includes the website URLs and, optionally, three other pieces of information:
xml sitemap generator

  • How often the URL is updated.
  • When the URL was updated last.
  • A priority of the URL in relation to other pages on the site.
Having a sitemap on your website does not interfere with the normal way a crawler bot would index your site, nor does it affect your search rankings - it simply makes your website more visible and accessible.

Create xml sitemap in here

After creating the Sitemap you have to do simple changes like below
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Why use a Sitemap ?

Besides allowing for easier navigation and better visibility by search engines, sitemaps also allow to inform search engines about changes made to your site faster. Sitemaps are especially useful for new websites and blogs, since those usually don’t get many backlinks to their individual pages or posts. The sitemap help search engines crawl their sites more efficiently and to discover all of their pages. In popular websites, sitemaps allows your website to “talk” with search engines in a more efficient way. They help the search engine “guess” how often your site is updated, which parts of it get updated more frequently than others, set the crawl rate for your site, etc.


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