Website traffic or increasing blog traffic: Massive traffic attracts advertisers to advertise their products on your blog or website. If you are writing good content but there no traffic at all, you are just wasting your time. Any blogger first pays attention to the quality of the content and second to the traffic. This is because if he writes unique and quality articles on his blog, visitors enjoy reading his posts but without paying attention towards traffic, he can't get a good number of readers. So, if he drives traffic to his blog successfully, new people will read his posts and if they like his posts, they will come back to read his posts again and again. So if his blog gets affected by any search engine penalty, he can maintain his traffic with his loyal readers. So, here are some tips to drive traffic to your blog. So lets Start :
increase traffic to website

Write Quality Articles

If you write unique and quality articles in your blog or website, your articles will be ranked in search engines at a better position. You will get organic search traffic and will this search traffic will give you unique readers. Unique readers and more important because they are new to your blog and if they like your articles, they either bookmark your site in their favorites list or subscribe to your post updates. In this way, you get increment in the audience of your blog.

Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Submitting your blogger sitemap to search engines help them to index your blog posts. If your blog posts are indexed properly in the search engines, your site becomes more visible in the search engines and you get quality search traffic. So, if you have a sitemap ready for your blog, submit it to Google webmasters tools, Yahoo and Bing to get organic search traffic.

Customize 404 Error Pages

You should customize 404 error pages in such a way that it looks appealing to your blog visitor in case your visitor gets it. If a person gets a 404 error page then he/she should click on another link in your blog instead of closing your blog’s window and searching for other site. This will help in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog and prevent you from losing precious traffic.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most essential technique in the search engine marketing. This can help your blog to gain more organic traffic from search engines. People do search for those terms that comes first in the “Google Search Suggestion”. If you add those keywords for your blog posts, then you can get more blog traffic than normal. You can check the keyword popularity on the Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most brilliant way to drive traffic from other blogs. You can write on some popular blogs for increasing your blog traffic. In real estate, location matters a lot to a buyer. Similarly, the location of your content matters as well. If your blog post gets accepted on a popular blog, then you will be getting familiar with new people. This will help you gain authority and thus your blog traffic will increase.

Blog Commenting

The last but not least, it is blog commenting. There are lots of benefits of daily blog commenting. You should comment on different blogs of the same niche for getting more blog visitors. Also, try to leave the first comment on others blog posts. People do check out the blog of the first commentator.

Final Word

These are a few the basic blog tips I use to increase blog traffic, can you think of any? Thanks to read this post only on NVRT Hub.


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