Alexa shows your website or blog states. It is created by Amazon Company. There are about 650 million websites on the internet and they are keep increasing day by day. So the competition between you and other websites will be tough in last few several years. You can check your website progress by visiting

What Is

How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog or WebsiteAlexa Founded in 1996, Alexa is a global pioneer in the world of analytical insight. defines them self as a “web information company“. They rank every website and blog based on their traffic and some other factors. Alexa Rank gets updated daily.

What Is Alexa Ranking And How it Works?

This is a ranking system set by (An Amazon's Product) that basically audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various websites. The process through which Alexa traffic rank is calculated, is simple. it is based on the amount of traffic recorded by the users who have installed Alexa toolbar over a period of three months. In simple terms, Alexa traffic rank is a rough measure of a website's popularity, compared with all the other available on the internet.

How To Increase Alexa Ranking?

If you want to increase your blog or website Alexa ranking then just have to follow these simple tips listed here:

Verify your Website

You can easily verify your website, just by signing up of This method will improve alexa ranking of your website. Just make sure that everything is correct check it 2 times. Many of the great bloggers are doing this method.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Yes this is another way to improve alexa ranking of your website. You can get your java script code for that widget form there website easily. First it will make your rank right behind your eyes. Secondly you reputation will increased because your visitors can also see this. If you will get some great improve Alexa ranking then this widget can also catch some advertisers to your websites. So use it for sure.

Write Quality Post

Useful and high quality post will help you a lot to increase your Alexa ranking. Write only those posts which have high search volume and also content should be unique. Don't ever try to think about copying any content from somewhere(website or blog). This is not going to help you in any way because Google will not index it or by chance if it will be indexed then your post will never rank higher in search engine.

Create quality Backlinks

Yes this is very important. Try to create quality backlinks. Because search engines give more importance to a website which has a large number of backlinks with quality. Try to avoid no-follow tags, because it can be avoided by search engines. So it is useless to use no-follow tags. Just make sure you have places backlinks at the right place.

Update Your Blog or Website Regularly

One of the best method to increase your ranking is, regularly update your blog. Plan a schedule about post writing and just go with that. It is strongly recommended to write frequently to increase your alexa rank otherwise it will go down and it becomes very hard to bring back your alexa again.

Use Social Networks

This is another essential way to improve alexa ranking. You can use popular Social websites like Google+, Facebook, twitter, Dig, stumbled, Pin it. This will boost improve alexa ranking of your website. This is also a great way increase your reputation or rank.

Write A Review About Alexa On your Blog or Website

Write some good quality posts about and then link it back to It will help you to gain trust of Alexa. Whenever you will get visitors on that posts, your alexa linking will help you a lot to rank higher.

Final Word

There are some other ways from which you can improve alexa ranking of your website. You can join forums and add links on then to your websites. Social Networks are a great way to get more traffic. The most important factor is SEO. Make sure your website is user friendly. Try to write one unique content per day. This will surely make your website visible and you will get some decent traffic to your website. Thanks to read this post only on about alexa rank.


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