We know all about the power of Google AdSense and contextual that they provided. This means that you do not have to do anything except insert the code and it will automatically determine the content of your page and serve relevant ads. Here are some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can try to monetize your blog or website without using Google Adsense, and I’ll tell you how they work and why you should consider them.
Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

So let’s start:
  • BuySellAds
  • Amazon Associates
  • Bidvertiser
  • Clicksor
  • Chitika
  • Revenue Hits
  • Linkshare
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Infolinks

1. BuySellAds

If you’re thinking on selling ad spaces from your blog or website but you have no clients to land on BuySellAds might be the right network for you. BuySellAds allows you to sell a space unit to many customers depending on the kind of traffic they want. so, if your blog has space for 4 ads, you can publish them here and wait until someone wants to buy your ad. While this can lead to a good income, this also means you need a good quantity of visitors and page views if you want to be appealing on BSA. BSA pays 75% of the revenue generated and you can get your payment via paypal twice a month, without any starting limit.

2. Amazon Associates

The great thing about strengthening the Amazon is that people are always happy to buy. It will give you a 4% to 8% commission depending on the amount shipped on a 1 day cookie. Personally, one of the coolest things to have is a widget that you can add it in your Website or Blog.

3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a pay per click advertising site that could be a great Adsense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. The way it works is little bit different from Adsense. While Adsense shows ads based on context or visitor’s interest, it creates a bidding system that allows highest bidder to advertise on your blog. Initially you won’t be able to earn much revenue as it takes some time to get your site found by Highest bidders. So stay longer. Bidvertiser offers Text ads, Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads etc. You can also make money by promoting your customized toolbar. Minimum payment amount is $10 for PayPal and $50 for check.

4. is one of the best alternatives for Adsense. It is a contextual ad network, powered by Yahoo and Bing. It enables publisher to earn money from advertising revenue. It offers customized ad units that fit with your site look. It also shows ad to the mobile phone and tablet users.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is ad advertising network that allows you to serve text, contextual and popup ads. With more than 150,000 pages working on Clicksor, it’s became quite a good alternative to Google Adsense. They share up to 60% of the revenue depending on the ad (popup ads usually generate more) and they can pay you via check or Paypal with a minimum of $50.

6. Chitika

The reason I put Chitika on the number 6 of this list, is because Chitika is very similar to Adsense. they allow you to customize your ads, and it only serves contextual ads. One good thing is that you can use it along with Adsense and there are no problems at all. Chitika pays via Paypal ($10 USD minimum, which is good for starters) or via check ($50 minimum). If I were to recommend an ads service as an alternative to Adsense, Chitika would be my first choice, hands down. Chitika can pay you via paypal if you need.

7. Revenue Hits

I recently discovered Revenue Hits and it looks like a great contender. I signed up and was quickly contacted by a manager to see how their ad platform for publishers work and they have a ton of features to make money. Revenue hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA which is great for many niches), however, they have CPM and CPC models too. Revenue hits has an interesting platform that learns from your Ads so if you give them a try make sure to keep their ads running for 2-4 days to get the best results. Another great thing is that they have different monetization channels available. You can create banner ads, sliders, pop-under, buttons and more. Revenue Hits pays on a Net 30 basis and they issue payments via wire, Paypal and Payoneer.

8. Linkshare

One word about LinkShare. ITunes. This is true. Outstanding among other programs, What does this mean? It means that a single click on your affiliate link of iTunes get 365% 10 day cookie. This means that you will get 10% of anything that users can buy on iTunes for the next year. Why is this gold mine? Well because just think that everyone has an iPod or iPhone, and how much they spend. Would not you love 10% of that.

9. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network – What most do not know is that they provide a huge affiliate program for website owners. Anyone who clicks on the link through eBay to get for 7 days and you will receive 50% -75% (on the traffic in the United States) of the final value fee for the product any to buy used from eBay during the next seven days. Payments on the eBay Partner Network is via PayPal or direct Bank Deposit.

10. Infolinks

Infolinks is a bit different from other advertising networks. Mainly because it shows ads differently. It doesn’t take too many spaces of your site to show ads. It shows in text ads or pop up ads. You can use it with Adsense safely. Infolinks offer 4 types of ads – InFold, InText, InTag and InFrame. All of them are designed to overcome banner blindness. Minimum payment threshold of $50 for Paypal or $100 for Bank wire.

Final Word

Hope this post helps you to choose an alternative. Do let us know if you know any other alternatives. If you like this post, consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thanks to read this post only on regarding to Google Adsense


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