How to prepare for an interview
What kinds of  initial steps to taken by the Candidates  before the Interview or During the Interview. The initial preparation for an interview is very important. The following step by step tips will help to you, to get more confident on the time of Interview.
  • Prepare the documents, manuals, writing and other necessary items.
  • Research and know more about “what type of interview you will face” and wear the proper dress code.
  • Try going to the interview beforehand to know where that place and how long it takes to get there.
  • Prepare yourself a comfortable psychological state, confident.
  • Should arrive 10 minutes prior to the interview because no employer would accept the candidate arrives late. If for any reason you are late, please give call information in advance.
  • Be cheerful and always smiling to everyone in the company.
  • While waiting for an interview, please show courteous to the receptionist.
  • Do not affect their work with anecdotal stories or general questions.
You should talk less, listen more. Do not comment or criticize the company or any other work not related to your job.
When you meet the interviewer first of all stand up salute or shake hands to express agility and polite. But note that they should let the interviewer put out his hand. Take a firm handshake and friendly.
Don't be in a hurry to sit right down when just in the room of the interview until you are invited. Expressing enthusiasm to the position that the company is applying for a job. Proven to show them what you can do for the company rather than what the company can do for you.


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