Many young people fresh out of school and surveyor before the interview or due to lack of experience should feel embarrassed and lack of confidence in front of employers. Whether you have already prepared a lot and quite full, detailed system of questions employers may ask you but when entering the interview really sometimes embarrassing you in front of those questions are very common and not too hard just because you lack preparation. The following are the questions employers commonly used to assess the ability and the acumen to your behavior.

1. The downside of what are you?

This is the most sensitive answers. Should minimize blemishes and emphasize the advantages. Avoid the personal qualities which focuses on the professional aspect. Can answer "sometimes I worry too much work should not arrange to be a reasonable time".

2. If was employed in this position, you think you have the advantage to finish the good work?

Depending on the location of the appropriate answers. Outlined the advantages that help for your application along with the skills and experience.

3. Why do you want to work here?

The interviewer wants to hear your answers show that you have thought investment rather than just send a job application because there is recruitment. E.g. "I've picked out some important company have the commitment in line with my ability and this company is in the top position in the list of my favorite choices"

4. What's your Career objective?

HR Interview Questions and AnswersShould talk about the immediate and short-term goals. For example "my immediate goal is to get proper jobs in large corporations and corporate leaders as well. Long-term goals depends on the goals of the company, while separately I myself will seek out opportunities to advance in your career "

5. Why do you change job?

After three years with the experience and knowledge, I decided to look for a company with lots of opportunities to grow so I can promote your best and be more successful.

6. When do you feel satisfied with the work the most?

The interviewer wants to know what could motivate you to work and can understand more about your interests. "In my old job satisfaction is to be exposed to clients, understood them and solve the problem of them to products and services of the company better and more satisfied customers."

7. You can do something for us?

Get a quick summary of the experience, skills and personality. "I have a unique combination of sales skills and the ability to build relationships with customers. This allowed me to use his knowledge and skill to communicate quite well by me.

8. Three positive points that the owner says about you?

This is a great way to demonstrate the advantage through the words of others. "My Boss said I was the good hard work and he liked the dynamism, my humor"

9. What are the Salary expectation?

You are the advantage when the interviewer ask given the previous wage. However should not offer a specific figure would induce employers judge you only think of their rights. "I think the company will pay the salary in accordance with the capacity and the volume of my work, I am sure when the time, we can agree to a reasonable figure".

10. the greatest achievements in your work do you do?

If that's the success demonstrated by the numbers, the answer is easy. But if you're just an employee should not inflate the dedication for the old job. You may answer "my biggest achievement in work is still based on the attempt of himself. I can work independently or in a group to complete the company's target set out ".


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