A successful job interview is combined many factors, from appearance to content. Many people before find a suitable job. They experienced many job interviews and had many failures. The question: “Why am I unsuccessful in this interview?” seems not to be considered by applicants. Thus, in order not to waste time and effort on those kinds of unsuccessful interview, you should prepare the most essential skills regarding job interview for yourself.
Interview Questions and Best Answers

The earnest dress

One of the most important and simplest skills for job interview is clothing. To dress the earnest clothing showing that you appreciate firm’s culture as well as you respect the employers. Although you’re kind of person who like comfortable and handy clothing, you can’t wear jeans and pullover to attend a job interview. The first impression is not everything but it will decide the employers’ sympathy toward you. If you don’t consider about clothing, in employers’ view you will become scruffy and compliant. No firm wants to employ an employee in the future who is scruffy and compliant like that.

Body language

Body language which also decides your success and failure element in interview is not less important than language. With a small action which you unintentionally express maybe shows a negative attitude toward employers, such as: you’re always looking at your watch showing you neither spend much time nor pay much attention to the interview. Even you find it boring. These things such as not sit up straight, shoulders droop, wiggle constantly while talking, do many superfluous acts, eyes look down, etc. proving that you’re lacking in being confident in every of your sentences. Your body can send much more emotion than you thought. Therefore, you should pay attention to each gesture which seems to be small in answering job interview. Sitting up straight, keeping your shoulders straight, don’t wiggle constantly on chair and don’t look at your watch many times, etc. in order to create good impression to employers.

Confident and straightforward attitude

In order to express the confident and straightforward attitude, you keep looking straight to employers’ eyes when being interviewed. When you communicate with them, don’t be ambiguous or hesitate. You should present your issue clearly and coherently as much as you can. If you want to do it, you have to prepare a comfortable mind. Though you always appreciate this interview, you should consider is as a work that you should finish easily. The more being confident and comfortable, the much easier of job

Don’t say “I don’t know”, “I can’t do that”
When you meet questions regarding a matter that you’ve not ever heard, don’t be hurried to answer such as: “I don’t know”, “I can’t do that”. Then the employers will appraise that you are incompetent. Instead of it, you should be cleverer and answer like: “I didn’t learn about it”, “I’ll study this matter” in order to prove that you’re studious. This is one of the most important job interview skills that many people don’t know.

The power of smile

Smile is one of the best way to shows the sincere and friendly attitude. So that, in the interview you should take full advantage of smile at the right time. For example when you tell a funny situation which occurred in a business trip, what kind of experience that the trip gives to you, etc. It not only shows the sincere and friendly attitude but also creates happy and comfortable atmosphere for the conversation between you and the employers.

Don’t tell the negative points concerning the last company
There’s a common question from employers which you usually meet is “why do you leave the last company?” In that case, don’t ever answer by defaming your old boss or old colleagues. Employers definitely conclude that at this time you can say the negative things about your last company; at another time if you leave their company, you will do the same thing like you used to. Consequently, in order to answer well this question, you should tell about the inappropriate points between you and your last company, and your expectation to meet a new challenge, a new experience.

Know how to give question avoiding being passive
During the job interview, you don’t be passive just answering the questions which are given by employers. There’s a very important job interview skill which not everyone knows is how to give questions back to employers. Sometimes giving questions to employers makes the interview turn to be easier. It’s like a close conversation, not a stressful and anxious examination. Besides, employers will feel satisfied when they know how much you consider about the job in future.

However, giving questions is not easy. The questions concerning the feature, nature, business modality, etc, will make employers think that you didn’t learn anything about them. You should give clever questions so as to show your ability as well as proving you are aware of their company. Such as “What kind of technology which I could use in order to meet this job the best?” or “I tried a software which is very suitable for this job, I wonder did your company try this method?” etc.

Finally, the most important thing which among many other job interview skills is you have to be who you are. Even though how much you know surely the way to “flatter” employers, the only one which they concern and pay attention most is not the appearance, it’s your ability and moral standards. Therefore, in order to gain a job as you desire, you should always and always be yourself in employer’s eyes.


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