Ye knees pain? Knee pain problems can happen to anyone. No matter how old or young may experience knee pain. Various causes of knee pain in addition to the diversity of treatment.
So what are the causes of the occurrence of knee pain?

Causes and treatment of knee pain
Knee Pain Causes And Treatment

Among The Causes of Knee Pain

Tendonitis this happens when too much physical activity. Indirectly, it will give the effect of which is pain in the tendon. Activities that cause excessive suffering from inflammation and swelling of the tendons.

The Position Of Head Of The Knee Switch
This occurs when the knee shifted slightly from the head of the kedudkan original. This wills indirectly suffering from pain and swelling.

Typically occur among the elderly that is aged 50 years and above.

Osgood Schlatter Disease/
It is the uneven bumps that occur below the knee. The pain suffered over time. There was a time it will be okay and some time it will feel pain. It often occurs in male and female youths aged 13-14. Usually occurs in active sports such as youth sports football, basketball, etc.

Medial professional plica syndrome
Plica is a tissue in knee folds. When used, it can cause pain and swelling.

Iliotibial band syndrome: Iliotibial is a type of strong tissue available from your hip to the calves. The prior use or if it exist other problems it will impact such as swelling of the past feel pain in thepart on the outside of the knee.

Bursitis:Swelling happens on coatings containing slime pelicir. This happens when the often dropped or frequently used.

Fragments of bone (bone chips)
This happens due to an accident. The knee one can shatter the debris trapped between the past space the joints. This member effect that pain and swelling.
Knee Pain Treatment (Control & Reduce Pain)
Measures that may be taken are:
Relaxing the knees with the avoidance of extreme activities.
Use Ice to put in an area of swelling. Put in 20-30 minutes until the swelling is gone.
Raise or lower your knee position. While lying on a pillow at the bottom of the foot parking lots to raise or lower your knees so the swelling decreases.
Do light stretching to invigorate the muscles.
Take other initiatives such as the side medication for knee pain relief. Typically the drug sweep.

Knee pain: Knee Pain-can't stand long, hard walk, pray and run any daily activities.


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