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AdSense Alternatives this keyword is started searching by bloggers and publishers when they are fed up of getting disapproval mails again and again. So, If you're also one of them than don't miss this post because below you'll be getting some high paying Google AdSense alternatives.
Adsense Alternatives Best

As it itself proves that Google AdSense is the world's best advertising platform where both advertisers and publishers are busy and happy in ad serving. Most of newbies and bloggers only depends on adsense for monetization while its not good and also apply their blogs to get approved adsense account. On other side, Adsense network is growing day by day and their policies are also being very-2 strict in which newbies are unable to get approved account. Even sometimes those blogs are also denied who comply with policies but Adsense has its own choice to make someone publisher or not.
So, newbies get disappointed at that moment and lose hope of making money with blogging. But wait, world do not end here, take a little usual daily life example. When you're buying something on any shop; just suppose of a mobile and its not available on that shop than what you do at that time? You probably go to another shop as you're in mobile market. So, if adsense is not giving you ads for monetization than you can go for other alternatives. Well, you may be new and don't know about other alternatives so here is a list of some adsense alternatives with some information.

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the best Google AdSense alternative which you can use for to monetize your blog. This is little different from adsense but you can make even more money from this than adsense. First, you'll need to apply for a publisher account and once approved than you are ready to start. There you'll need to create ad slots of your blog and your blog will be listed in BuySellAds directory. There advertisers can look your blog and if someone is interested than that advertise may buy any ad slot of your blog for 30 days or some months. The price is fixed of every slot.


Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network also known as as because they had contract between. You can also make money from your blog with by displaying their ads on your blog. This is CPM or RPM advertising network that pays you for having miles of impressions on ads only. As usual, you need to apply first and get approved than implement ad codes to your blog to start monetizing your blog. In the reports, you'll get RPM that gets set automatically and high RPM depends on traffic quality. If the ads get 1000 impressions than you'll get that RPM price lets suppose RPM is $1. If the RPM is $2 and the ads get 5000 impressions than you're earning will be $10.

3. InfoLinks

People also use InfoLinks to monetize their textual content. We're bloggers and we mostly write articles on different niches so InfoLinks is only for text content websites as their ads are something related to that. After getting approved and implementing the ad code in your blog, ads will appear differently. After adding code, when you'll check your blog, some words in the text content will contain links on that. Actually, In this ad network, ads are displayed on textual content in which some words will be converted into links with relevant ad as that script does itself.

4. Peerfly

Peerfly is something what that can help you to earn high budget in less traffic. This is completely different from all above networks and also from adsense. It's completely different adsense alternative. It is CPA international affiliate ad network that pays you for action. First, you'll need approved account there and than you can browse different type of affiliate offers there. It is international and has every category of offers so you'll need to browser your niche related offers. After finding any relevant offer with your blog niche than you can promote that offer on your blog by putting a banner, sending custom emails to blog readers, blog post etc and when any of your reader will take action for that offer just suppose offer is for buying something and your reader makes a purchase than you'll be get paid easily.

5. Chitika

Chitika is also popular and my best adsense alternative. Chitika is almost same as adsense but few things are changed in chitika. You'll need to create a publisher account and take ad tags from there which you've to implement on your blog. The most relevant ads will start appearing on your blog and when someone clicks on the ads than you'll be paid. The advanced things Chitika has that it has popup ads, frame ads and some more ad types that help you to earn extra income. Payments are easily made with PayPal and if PayPal is not reachable for you than you can use Check method to receive payment via Check.

Other AdSense Alternatives

  • Kontera : Cost per click based ad network which contains In-Text, Mobile and Display Ads. Minimum payment threshold $50 with PayPal, Wire and Check payment methods.
  • Clicksor : In-Text Ads, Text Banners, Display, Pop up and Interstitial ad types can be found in this network. Minimum threshold $50 and Payment time is net 15 days.
  • Bidvertiser : CPC based target text banner ads and also display ads. Net 30 days payment time with $10 minimum threshold with PayPal. Wire Transfer and Western Union are also available.
  • Qadabra : Only display ads Qadabra has and pays on CPM. Minimum threshold is only $1 with PayPal and $500 with Wire Transfer.
  • Link Worth : This network has many type of ads including Targeted text, display, sponsored posts and also In-Text. Payments are made after every 30 days and minimum threshold is $25 with PayPal and $100 with Wire Transfer.
  • PublicityClerks : This is direct ad banner buying and selling network just same as BuySellAds. You'll be paid when any advertiser will buy ad slot on your blog for 30 days. Payments are only made with PayPal.
  • MadAdsMedia : Cost Per Mile based ad network that pays on 1000 impressions. Note : Their ads had caused malware detection few days ago. Sooner or later, they may fix that but beware of them.
  • AdSide : Target text, Mobile, In-Image, In-Video, Pop-unders ad types with $50 minimum payment threshold with Check.
  • Vibrant Media : Screen takeover, In-Text, In-Image and Display ad types are available in this network $50 minimum threshold by check and wire transfer. Payment time is net 45 days.
  • Intellilinks : In-text ads only with PayPal payment method and 30 days net payment time.
  • BlogAds : Direct banner ads selling and buying network where you can sell your ad slots for 30 days. Ad slot prices are your own choice and payments are made with PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Tribal Fusion : Seems the best CPM ad network and perfect alternative of adsense. The earnings are high on this network being a member their may be difficult. Minimum payment is $100 with PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Casale Media : This is also CPM based ad network that pays on impressions. It can be perfect adsense alternative for you if you get approved there but they only select high traffic sites. $25 minimum payment with PayPal and Check.
  • ShareASale : Cost Per Action based affiliate ad network that pays on completing an action.
  • Exit Junction : Pop-under based ad network that display ads when any visitor leaves your website popup ads comes and pays on when someone clicks on ads.

Final Word

Don't worry Friends If adsense is not approving your blog than you can try these ad networks for monetization for your blog. Thanks to read the post relates to Top 20 Google AdSense Alternatives.


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