Lie Detector tests are on the go in today's era. Whether it be corrupt ministers, or high profile criminal cases, authorities as well as public demand a confirmatory test to be conducted to testify the authenticity of the information. Specialized experts are hired who can roughly reconstruct what people are seeing just from scanning their brains, and memories, thoughts and dreams could be next. Brain-computer interfaces are also well on their way—at least one paralyzed man has used a brain implant to move a computer cursor and a robotic arm. Fields including psychotherapy and recreational mind-melding will depend on workers who can see into the mind’s eye.
How to go about it: Neuroscience or computer science—they should converge before we go bionic.
Human/Robot Interaction Specialist
Role -Help robots and people get along.
Robot nurses won’t help Grandpa much if they don’t understand his sarcasm. We’ll need savvy workers making—and remaking—’bots to ensure that they operate seamlessly in our world. And we’ll require help coping in theirs. As droids lure people away from real human contact, expect a demand for specialized therapists to boost people’s social and robotic-al skills.
How to go about it: Course in artificial intelligence would help.
Digital Detective
Role - Tracing digital foot prints
With the drastic increase in the number of internet users in the past 10 years, people are getting more and more involved in the cyber world. As prevalent in the physical world, Detective Agents would play an active role in finding out any individuals digital footprints as well, on a private basis. The number of cases, and the need of a Digital Detective is already on the rise, and Cyber Investigators across the country are being continously hired for the same. This would be a booming career option in future as well.
How to go about it: Starting up with a professional course in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Investigation would be a good option.
Zero Energy Home Architect
Role - Building Environment Friendly homes with sustainable energy source.
Some houses now being built make as much energy as they consume. They rely on equipment such as solar cells or solar paints to generate power, while using efficient design to keep consumption down. For example, Michelle Kaufmann, an architect in Oakland, Calif., is bringing the zero-energy idea and other forms of sustainable design to prefab houses such as her mkLotus, a small, one-bedroom home. . In a recent survey, architects worldwide reported that 47 percent of their clients in 2008 used green building elements. Despite the housing slump, Kaufmann says her 15-person staff is swamped: “We have more projects than ever before.”
How to go about it: Yale University has a joint degree in architecture and environmental management.
Space Pilot
Role - Flying tourist spacecrafts into space
Virgin Galactic has launched the first commercial suborbital spaceflight for about $250,000 a seat. With competition from other companies, that price could soon drop low enough for daily shuttle service to outer space, the moon and asteroids for tourism, mining and science. Commercial pilots will regain the mystique they had in the ’60s as thousands of them strap in for the stars.
How to go about it: Enroll yourself in aviation, or airforce.
Organ Designer
Role - Every 10 minutes, someone in India dies waiting for a transplant.
With the senior population doubling by 2050, expect more internal plumbing problems. Scientists are working on creating artificial organs such as bladders, kidneys, lungs and hearts, which may arrive in market as soon as next year. But we’ll still need to figure out how to fashion trickier organs made using the patient’s own cells to reduce rejection. One of the prevalent technique is Stem Cell Banking, which will soon be modernized into newer forms of Medical Technologies.
How to go about it: A bioengineering program, in some renowned lab, may give a direction to this emerging career option.
Experts say that 10 years from now, 60% of the career options would be those which haven’t been invented yet. Are you ready to take the plunge into the future then?Here is a glimpse of some of the futuristic career choices..