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Flava is a simple diary app where every entry you make is recorded with the date, day and time. Posts can be made interesting with pictures, videos and audio clips. You can add keyword tags, location-based data, a smiley for your mood, an icon for the weather, and even the name of the song you are listening to.

    Imagine: you are sipping a cappuccino at a street-side cafe on a clear winter afternoon. You take the photo of your piping-hot coffee, chocolate doughnut, and the book you’re reading. You write a few words to describe the invigorating, cool brisk air; select your mood from the ready icons, tag the entry with your location co-ordinates, and save it. The time and date are added automatically. There, you’ve captured the Flava.
    The good part is that you can sync your posts to a corresponding account on the internet; simply visit and log in with your password. Android, iOS | Free
At its most basic, Evernote is the digital equivalent of your leather-bound planner: You can type your musings, attach a photo, and even annotate the snapshot. You can record audio clips, lectures and interviews; create to-do lists (complete with checkboxes); store business cards and digital documents; and even set reminders using Evernote’s calendar and alarm function.
    The app lets you attach ‘tags’ and location-based data to all your notes, making it easier to search through them.
    You can sync your account across devices, including on your Mac or Windows PC, and you can even share entries with friends and colleagues via e-mails, social networks, and messaging services.
    The more you use Evernote, the greater number of uses you’ll find for it. In fact, it even works well with a bunch of other productivity apps and add-ons, so if you haven’t tried it out yet, you can always start this New Year.
Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone | Free
If you’re constantly taking pictures using your smartphone, you’ll know how hard it is to keep track of all the stuff you’ve shot; and how much harder it is to find a particular picture when you’re sifting through your humongous collection for it. Flayvr to the rescue.
    The app automatically organises your photographs and videos into interactive albums based on date, location, as well as titled with information from your calendar app.
    If you don’t have any calendar entries, the album will just be titled with the date that the pictures were taken. You can, of course, rename albums, and even add or delete photos from each collection. The snapshots are then displayed album-wise in a beautiful timeline on your phone. And users can also share these interactive albums with friends through social networks and e-mail. Android, iOS | Free
New Year resolves are hard to keep. Most of us start with the best intentions, but a few days – or a couple of weeks – later, the will weakens, excuses are made, and best-laid plans amount to naught. Well, Lift – Daily Motivation is an app that helps you reach your self-set targets.
    After you sign up for an account, you are asked to choose your goal. The app lists these under different categories: Fitness, Health, Productivity, Learning, et al. Under Fitness, for example, you can find Jump Rope for Beginners, Six Weeks to a Half Marathon, 10k Squats, 3 Months to a New You...
    You can also search for specific plans by keywords like ‘smoking’ for steps on how to kick the habit.
    After you join a group, the app presents you with tasks and instructions – sometimes with tutorials – that you’ll need to follow in order to meet your goals. Lift even lets you set alarms to remind you gently when it’s time for your task. You are encouraged to post notes every time you work on your plan. The app records your progress, and you can also expect members in your group to laud your efforts and motivate you. Android, iOS | Free
To-Do Lists is a simple to-do app that lets you plan your day and post reminders for all the chores you have to complete. After you have keyedin the jobs at hand, you can set alarms for time-bound tasks – and even move them around to plan your agenda. lets you use simple actions like drag-and-drop to reschedule events – and when you complete a task, you can mark it as done by a simple swipe of your finger. The app recognises voice commands, and it includes a superb predictive text algorithm that can complete entries even before you finish typing them. Set a reminder to contact a person from your phone’s contact list – and at the stipulated time, you can access the phone’s dialler or messaging service from within the app with a single touch. Besides, it also lets you turn missed calls into reminders.
Android, iOS, Windows Phone | Free
Cal – made by the developers of Any.Do – is one of the most colourful and simple to use scheduling apps. Like a wall calendar, it uses vibrant images from art, fashion, food, landscapes, animals, design, cars, architecture and illustrations as backgrounds. Open it for the first time and it prompts to connect to Facebook so it can download and sync all the birthdays of your friends and family.
    Adding reminders to the calendar is simple, and you can even append notes and location data to each entry.
    Besides, Cal syncs with and automatically takes care of your everevolving to-do list without you having to plan for the same thing twice. So if you’re looking for a pair of apps that takes care of your scheduling needs, these two should definitely be it.
    And if that’s not enough, Cal can seamlessly cloud sync with all your existing services such as Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, etc. Android, iOS | Free
    Every smartphone OS comes with its own set of fantastic productivity tools that will help you plan your day. Android, BlackBerry OS10, iOS, and even Windows Phone, all come with their own calendar and note-taking apps that allow you to schedule and organise your events, meetings and to-do lists.
    For most part, you can seamlessly transition from one ecosystem to the next without any hiccups too. The Windows Phone Calendar app, for instance, can be set to sync automatically with Google Calendar. These productivity apps can also mine your social network accounts for birthdays so you never miss an important event.
    For your daily scribbles, Windows Phone comes with OneNote, where all your posts will be saved and synchronised to your default personal notebook on SkyDrive. Similarly, BlackBerry has a nifty todo list manager called Remember that syncs wonderfully to work in tandem with its Calendar app. When it comes to iOS, you might want to try Apple’s Reminder and Notes app too.

What Blockchain and Bitcoin Mean for the Protection Business You may have heard the expressions "blockchain" or "Bitcoin" utilized as a part of tech hovers in the course of recent years. These ideas, alongside intense utilize cases, are changing how we consider money, exchanges and contracts.

Simultaneously, they're likewise changing how we consider the protection business. These progressions will affect protection bearers and operators, and how protection is purchased and sold. That implies understanding blockchain and Bitcoin is essential in case you're hoping to win in the cutting edge protection industry. This post has you secured. It gives meanings of blockchain and Bitcoin, at that point separates why this data is critical to protection industry experts. 


In their book Blockchain Upheaval, Wear and Alex Tapscott clarify that blockchain is "the brilliantly straightforward, progressive convention that enables exchanges to be at the same time mysterious and secure by keeping up a sealed open record of significant worth." The blockchain is intended to store exchange records ("obstructs") in numerous spots, connected to each other (henceforth the "chain" some portion of the name) and straightforward to any client who wishes to see them. Critically, this record can't be changed, so anybody can see a typical and exact rundown of authentic exchanges. Bitcoin is a kind of computerized money that utilization's blockchain innovation. It's not by any means the only one that utilization blockchain, yet is one of the more prevalent alternatives available. Despite the fact that bitcoin is the most famous cryptographic money upheld by blockchain innovation, other advanced monetary forms, for example, ether and litecoin—utilize blockchain innovation too. All bitcoin exchanges are recorded in a decentralized open record that can't be adjusted. In principle, this is something worth being thankful for on the grounds that it makes trust among all gatherings of the exchange and gives an unmistakable trail of procurement that avoids fake exchanges. This is one manner by which blockchain can possibly change exchanges. However, remember that blockchain does not need to be money related. 

Ramifications OF BLOCKCHAIN AND BITCOIN FOR THE Protection Business Blockchain applications like cryptocurency, shrewd contracts and decentralized models for protection will change how protection is appropriated. What's more, when you change how protection is disseminated, you significantly modify how existing players profit and test business as usual. Insurance agencies could utilize the blockchain to make a disseminated record that cultivates straightforwardness, successfully tracks cases and exchange history, and gives perceivability into the authenticity of a claim. Brilliant contracts based on the blockchain can balance deceitful claims by recording exchange history on people in general system, which would dismiss different cases for a similar occasion. This could spare the business billions and open up gigantic chances to make huge measures of significant worth for buyers. Cryptocurriencies can make trust amongst safety net providers and their clients could make trust. For example, INGUARD was the principal insurance agency to acknowledge bitcoin installments. We did this since it was the correct activity for our well informed clients—a state of mind very rare in the protection business today. Consider: 40% of protection premiums turn over every year—and 66% of buyers would purchase protection on the web in the event that they could. 

What's more, and, after its all said and done, they're scarcely happy with back up plan sites. Shoppers don't confide in their safety net providers to put their best advantages on the most fundamental level or execute in a reasonable, break even with way. Bitcoin and blockchain innovation, as we would see it, are devices that can possibly carefully ensure customers, as well as reestablish assume that their needs are being met. Innovation appropriation in the protection business ought to dependably make more an incentive for shoppers. It should expel contact from the purchasing procedure and empower a superior client encounter. What's more, its adequacy ought to be estimated by consumer loyalty, not the amount PR or advertising duplicate another framework creates. That doesn't generally happen. In any case, with the focal points blockchain innovation gives, that could begin to change. Also, that will be advance in reality.