Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers with Explanation
Directions: In the following question, choose the missing number in place of sign (?) on the basis of relationship between the word given on the left/right hand side of the signs.
1. Country: President:: State :
 (a) Chief Minister (b) Prime Minister
(c) Speaker (d) Governor

Directions (2 to 4): In each of the following questions, some groups are given. All of which, except one, share a common feature while one is different choose the odd one out.

2. Find the odd one.
(a) Chair         (b) Table
(c) Furniture (d) Sofa

3. Find the Odd Letters
(a) ABC (b) BCD
(c) CDE (d) DEF

4. Find the odd number.
(a) 17 (b) 27
(c) 37 (d) 47
Ans (b) All the given numbers except 27 are prime numbers where 27 is a composite number.

5. In a certain coded language '234" means "light is bright' '629' means "Girl is beautiful' and '4758' means "I prefer bright clothes', which digit means is' in this language?
(a) 9 (b)2
(c) 4 (d)3

6. In a certain code, Al MIRAH is written as BNPMWGO, Which word will be written as DNRWLUA ?

Directions (7 to 8) : A cuboid of dimensions (6 cm X4 cm x1 cm) is painted on both the surfaces of dimensions ( 4 cm x1 cm), green on the surfaces of dimensions (6 cm×4 cm) and red on the surfaces of dimensions (6 cm x1 cm). Now the block is divided into various smaller cubes of side 1 cm each. The smaller cubes so obtained are separated.
7. How many cubes will have two side with green colour and remaining sides without any colour?
(a) 12 (b) 10
(c) 8 (d) 4

8. How many cubes will have four coloured sides and 2 sides without any colour?
(a) 8 (b) 4
(c) 16 (d) 10

9. If GOLD is EMJB then code NMPR stands for what?
(a) ONQS (b) PORT
(c) ROTS (d) PORK Ans. (b)
Get the code by skipping one letter backwards.


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