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How to prepare for gate 2019 in 6 months? With the IIT Madras, declaring all the details and dates for the gate 2019, the race for winning the laurels in the largest postgraduate engineering entrance examination has begun. In the Engineering (GATE) 2019 graduate qualification exam will be held on 2 February, 3, 9 and 10 with the application process starting from 1 September, 2018. There are only 6 months left for the exam, it is important to start preparations and this is where in six months the tips for preparing for the gate 2019 are easy. The reason gate is important that it is not only for M.Tech entry but also for PSU recruitment. How to prepare for the Gate 2019 in 6 months, the student consistently includes all relevant information needed to use and crack the exam. See PreRation Tips for Cracking the Gate in 6 Months below.

Entry into MTech, ME or PhD Program proposed by prestigious institutions like IIT, NIT, GFTI, IISc and others, Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and BSH, ONGC, BSNL such as Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratories and CSIR sponsored projects PSUs have bright recruitment of CEL etc. All possibilities are for GET qualified students. Will Ul. Qualifying is important and difficult in the Gate 2019 but it is Robert H. The school has correctly stated that "a great achievement always happens before unexpected preparation."
There are some new surprises in the gate 2019; The most prominent one is the introduction of a new paper, "Statistics (ST)". Postgraduate engineering entrance examination will be organized at 200 Indian and 6 foreign cities at the examination centers at national and international level. Candidates can fill the gate 2019 only if they meet the prescribed gate 2019 eligibility criteria. If you recall the timelines for filing applications till September 20, 2018, you can still apply late on 30th of September for payment of fees. This is another new change introduced in the gate 2019.
How to prepare for gate 2019 in 6 months?

The Gate 2019 is a 6-month preparatory plan, not only for the last year B.Tech student but for all those preparing the gate during the work, who are preparing for the gate without coaching and who are coaching With the preparation of the gate. These preparation tips are for all the gate candidates!

Read the 6 month preparatory plan for the Gate 2019 below and follow it till the examinations of February 2, 3, 9 and 10, 2019.
How to prepare for GATE in 6 months?

Because this will not help you in any way, it will only add to your anxiety level, which is not good on any account - health or otherwise. To prepare for the Gate 2019, remember, you need to be healthy. You have to study the maximum hours of your day; And concentration and hard work demands a healthy brain. Therefore, stick to this famous policy, "healthy body keeps healthy body" by following a healthy diet schedule and lifestyle.

Follow the steps below to avoid it, rather kill the stress around you:

Eat healthy food: Before eating healthy foods made from home. This advice is given because you will not find it on the streets. Healthy and non-oil food will help you stay focused and active in the preparation process.

Rest regularly in a little while: To free yourself from routine, go out and breathe in the fresh air and remove all your stress. Walking daily will rest your body and mind.

Meditation or Exercise: To increase your concentration level, meditate once or twice a day and then sit to study.

Drink loads; But water: With eating healthy food, drink lots of water. The good amount of water inside your body will keep it healthy and away from many diseases.

Become a sleepy head, no: sleep for 8 hours per day to rejuvenate yourself for the day's work.

Make a schedule!

... and try to follow it because the course of the gate is huge and to cover it, it is important that you make a plan and then proceed in the direction of preparation.

"If you fail to make plans, then you are planning to fail." At this time the words of wisdom should be followed.

You can schedule one by following the steps given below:

Divide your gate curriculum into three parts - the subjects you know, the topics you know, but you are not confident about all the topics you do not know at all.
Start with the people you know: Modify the subjects you know, once for everyone so that you do not have to return them again.
Now go to those people you do not believe: first learn the principle theory and strengthen your foundation. Before proceeding, clear all your concepts and practice these topics this time until you feel confident about them.

last but not the least; New ': To practice these topics, you have to start from scratch, therefore, principle, first! Read, learn, and modify until you complete your Gate course 2019.

Time is everything: Do not forget to manage your time during this preparation, because every passing day is important to you.

Do not be lazy to start preparing for the exam without knowing the full course of gate 2019. It is important for you to be familiar with the scheduled course of gate 2019. This is an important factor in the preparation of the gate in 6 months.
Includes topics and chapters for all 24 letters of the gate for all the candidates present in the examination in the gate 2019 by IIT Madras. Candidates should keep in mind that the gate paper is divided into three classes, of which the general qualification or GA section is compulsory for all, the engineering mathematics section which is the second attempt is mandatory to make all efforts (GG and XL Excluding). The third section will depend on the subject matter specific, the candidate is participating in the gate 2018 exam.
Book hook!
Knowing the best books for Gate preparation is important to you. With the best books, we mean books containing the following properties:
Easy and understandable language
Graphical representation for easy grasping
Example with practice answers
Candidates can see the list of best books from the table below.
Gate 2019 Best Books for Preparation

When competing in this race, it is advisable to know the gate pattern 2019 to get acquainted with the questions, nature and number of questions asked in the examination. One step in how to prepare for Gate 2019 in 6 months is to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern to know the answer plan of the Examination Day.
The gate 2019 examination pattern will be divided into examination, medium and examination methods and sections, which will be informed about the marking scheme. Notable points related to Gate Exam pattern 2019 are outlined below:
The gate is an online test of 100 marks.It will be held for 3 hours.The total number of questions asked in the gate 2019 will be 65.The type of questions in the gate will be multiple choice questions (MCQ) and numerical answer type (NAT).There will be three sections in the gate 2019 Question Paper.One correct answer will be given for each correct answer and 1/3 will be deducted for each wrong answer. There is no negative marking in the gate 2019.

Pick up the modification call!
After completing all your gate courses, it is important to completely modify it for you.
The completion of the GATE course depends on you; But make sure you leave some time for your modification. Do not process your gate course for a very long time, because in this way you will be forced to cut your amendment schedule on time.

How to prepare for GATE in 6 months?

The more you modify your gate curriculum, the more you coordinate with the exam subjects. Modifying the curriculum will help you brush your memory on any topic every time.
After completing the Gate 2018 course and modifying it completely, start practicing the gate papers of the previous years.
These and other sample letters of the gate 2019 will help you understand the exact question paper and allow you to analyze and work on your weaker areas.
The candidates are advised to take a false test of gate 2019 to realize the atmosphere of the examination center and prepare for the actual examination.
Candidates are advised to practice as an online preparation series because they can do better preparation.

How to prepare for GATE in 6 months?

Should work on the big day!
It is important for you to follow any guidelines on the day of the exam. These exam day guides are given to your life for less trouble because you can not go wrong on the big day.
Do not forget to take your gate admission letter 2019, otherwise you are not taking the exam this year. You can download it later on January 4, 2019.
Carry your photo identity with the entry letter. It should be noted that the photographic identity you mentioned while filling the online gate application form 2019 would be a better idea.
Learn about your Gate Exam Center It is advisable to go to your allotted gate 2019 examination center one or two days before the examination. This will help you get acquainted with the passage of the examination center and your chance of reaching the examination center will be less.
To avoid missing on any important examination instructions, reach the examination room 1 hour before the commencement of the examination.
Do not take things like calculator, digital clocks, paper, mobile phone or any other electronic device inside the examination room.
We wish all the fate of the gate 2019 candidates!


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