In this post we have covered many topics of General Knowledge Top 10 GK Questions below. You can read Top 10 GK Questions about India and World.

Question No.1- When did India join the United Nation?

Answer: – 1945.

Question No.2-Who appoints the judges of Supreme Court in India?

Answer :– President of India.

Question No.3- Largest Bank in the World (in the matter of numbers of branches) is?

Answer: – SBI (State Bank of India).

Question No.4-What do you mean by ‘Hot Money’?

Answer: – A short term capital movement (one country to another) at high rate of interest.

Question No.5- In hundred rupee note in India bears the signature of whom?

Answer :– RBI Governor.

Question No.6-Rural Infrastructure development fund is financed by whom in India?

Answer :– NABARD.

Question No.7-Credit Cards are known by which another name?

Answer: – Plastic money.

Question No.8-What is the purest form of iron?

Answer :– Wrought Iron.

Question No.9-Bleaching powder is made from what?

Answer: – Lime and Chlorine.

Question No.10-Most of the mass of atom is located in nucleus was suggested by whom?

Answer :– Rutherford.


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