Hello friends welcome you once again. Today we are going to tell you about the world's 5 largest companies. Which makes its smartphone available to the most customers. Let's know about this 5 biggest companies.


This company is always known due to its features. And always keeps discussions about his security. Apple does not compromise any kind of company to maintain its security. And Apple Smartphones are satisfied as customer security. Whether Apple's smartphone or camera or sound system provides good features in all. But the smartphones of this company are very expensive. You can not buy people.


South Korea's mobile company Samsung has been placed at number two. Samsung company remains in more discussion due to its new smartphone. And their smartphones are cheaper than Apple. And the common people can do these smartphones. Samsung is a company that offers both cheap smartphones and expensive smartphones. And the Samsung company's flagship smartphone is available in the Indian market. The hardware of these smartphones is also good enough for people who like it


It is China's smartest smartphone company. And it offers the best smartphones in a budget price. And in this company's smartphone, smartphones are available at very low cost, with all types of features such as Face Unlock and Dual Camera Setup. And this company comes at number three.


Mi's smartphones are well-liked throughout the whole of India as well. And the most important thing about Mi's smartphone is this. That these smartphones are launched at low cost with the best specification. However, in the future, companies like ASUS and OPPO are giving a tough competition to this smartphone. And at the moment, the Oppo Reality brand is being purchased more than Shomemi's smartphone. But Xiaomi still remains at number four.


This company is also famous for TV, sound system and electronic product. The smartphones of this company are also bought in the whole world. But let us tell you that the Sony company is known for its brand. And Sony does not compromise with any kind of quality. And this company's smartphones are less expensive in India due to expensive. But in the whole world, their smartphones are purchased in very large quantities. And this company comes in number 5.


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