Top 5 Banks in India

Banks in India are highly developed concerning access, supply, and product range. In India, the banking sector is categorized into two banks: scheduled and non-scheduled. Banks in India are vigorous and holds a translucent sheet of balance as compared to the other banks in the country. Currently, India is having a total of 26 public sector banks, 25 private banks, 43 foreign banks, and several cooperative and urban banks.

5. Bank of India

Top 5 Banks in India

Established in 1906, the Bank of India or BOB is a bank formed by a group of business people in Mumbai, India. Previously, it was a privately-owned bank, but in 1970 it is converted into a public sector bank along with other 13 banks in India. BOB has grown their market with their National and International presence and become one of the largest public sector banks. With 5,000 branches over the country, the bank has a assets value of US$100.03 billion.

Top 5 Banks in India

One of the National Banks in India that is owned by the Indian Government is Punjab National Bank. The headquarter of PNB is in New Delhi and is established in 1894. With 6,900 branches, the Bank offers services to over 80 million customers across India. The bank also has regional offices in countries, like Australia, Kazakhstan, and China. The assets value of Punjab National Bank is US$101.75 billion.

3. ICICI Bank

Top 5 Banks in India

In India, ICICI is one of the largest private sector banks. With headquarter in Mumbai, the bank provides a large number of banking financial services and products to their customers through the bank’s subsidiaries and channels. The bank has currently 4,400 branches in the country and 14,000 ATMs in over 15 countries. In Canada and UK also, the ICICI Bank has started its root. The asset value of ICICI Bank is US$103 billion.

2. Bank of Baroda

Top 5 Banks in India

Bank of Baroda or BOB is established in 1908 by the 1897 Companies Act by Maharaja Sayajiro Gaekwad. It is a state-owned bank whose headquarter is in Vadodara, Gujarat. BOB has around 106 branches in almost 24 countries in the world. The primary role of the bank is retail banking and is one of the largest banks in India as well as has considerable shares at the NSE. The asset value of the bank is US$117.42 billion, which makes it the second largest bank in India.

1. State Bank of India

Top 5 Banks in India

In India, State Bank of India is the largest bank owned by the Indian Government. The headquarter of SBI is situated in Mumbai and has six regional offices across the country. SBI is one of the largest commercial banks with 14,000 branches across the world. The asset value of SBI is US$431.95 billion. It is one of the oldest banks in Asia-Pacific, started its origin with Bank of Calcutta in 1806.


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