Top 5 Countries with No Income Tax

Are you the one who have paying the tax. isn't it feel difficult to pay the tax well today I'm going to share some of the top countries where Income Tax doesn't exists.

The Bahamas

Bahamas is the ideal destination for Caribbean tourism to the historians. the Bahamas is the site of Columbus's first landfall in the new world in 1492. It is the country that has no income tax, Corportate tax, capital gains tax, or wealth tax. this country pretty much survives on tourism

United Arab Emirates

The country is known to attract the Richest of the rich there is no denying the fact that the country's wealth came from its oil reserves and turned it into one of the world's richest nations. however it wont tax charges on people but it charges high sin taxes 30 percent tax on Alcohol and an additional 50 percent sales tax on Alcohol sold in Dubai.


In Monaco there is no personal tax applied however the company Revenues is generated within the confines of Monaco and additional residents have to pay 19.6 percent vat on all goods and services.


The Brunel has the second highest development index among south east Asian Nations. Brunei does not currently levy any income tax on individuals and there is no sales tax and value added tax.


In Bermuda you guys can see the museums set in oceanic fortress or 19th century lighthouses but the most amazing thing is NO income tax in Bermuda.


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