Some of the apps are most expensive than you can even think of, so we put these list most expensive apps available in the world right now, some of them are more costliest than iphone XS max example the most costliest app cost literally 1400 dollars per month.

5 App cash

For a single use it charges 999.99 dollars monthly this is one of the most mysterious app on apple app store and it is only used by technology lovers and creators who exactly know that they wanted to do in it.

4 Cybertuner

This app is worth of 999.99 dollars per month this is a professional piano tuning app that is literally cost more than many actual piano's that used but this app is tested by some of the most famous musicians and they told that it is one of the most sophisticated music app without a doubt.

3 VIP black

This app cost 999.99 dollars per month this is the first elite and luxury app in the world this app is mostly considered as the status symbol in elite society rather than for its use, if you want to use this app you need to verify your assets and income atleast of 1 million dollar a year.

2 Barmax

This app cost 999.99 dollars per month this is the educational designed to get better scores in bar exam this app is defined as one of the best educational app in the world if you have 1000 dollars per month but this app includes classes from the previous toppers and also professional and famous professors in the world but if you are paying for this app then consider as you passed your bar exam that is the reason for its value.

1 Log me in ignition

This app is most costliest app right now in the world with price of 1399.99 dollars per month this app is used to control your computer to mac from anywhere in the world.


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