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Here are some really simple and useful hacks for You. Try them !

If You want to find some fancy words, use this trick. Go to and simply put the “~” symbol before the word you want to look up. Google will come back with the definition and synonym.

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Use Password hack :

To create a truly un-hackable password: hold your fingers down on a letter until the accented characters pop-up. Use these characters in place of the normal letters.

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Logout of Facebook remotely :

Go to your Facebook account. Click on settings. Click security. Click on “Where You’re Logged In”. Click Log Out.

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Fine tune your search with keywords

If you need to search for specific words within your larger search, Google has also made this easy. Type “allintext” before the word or words that you are looking for, if you want to find pages that include all the words you’re looking for or

Type “intext” before the text that you are looking for, if you want to find pages where one word appears in the text, and others appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the title.

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Google search by location :

For needing a location, just add “location:place” after your search text. For Example, Vishal might search, Sneha Patel location:Ahmedabad.

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