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A warm welcome to you guys. My name is Yash and in this article I am going to tell you guys about the type of symbols present in the mobile charger and their meaning.

Did you guys have ever taken any effort to check the type of symbol present in our charger adapter and did you ever take any effort to find the meaning of it. If not then this article is for you guys only.

The Square symbol

This is a symbol of double insulated which says that the wire inside the charger are well coated and there is no chances left that one gets a electric shock from the charger. If this symbol is not preset in your charger then the possibilities of getting electric shock increases.

The V symbol

This is not a V symbol. Actually it is written in a roman language which means 5, which shows the power-level efficiency of your charger and this V is a standard one. In local charger one doesn't get to see this type of symbol in it.

The Home symbol

The Home symbol signifies that one can use that product in home only where one gets a proper power supply of 220 V and neither too dim nor too high. And never too use under direct sunlight, the chances of explosion increases.

The Dustbin Symbol

This type of symbol is seen in every type of electric product which says that one should not throw this in dustbin instead give this to a right place where it can be recycled.

The ISIEC Symbol

This is a standard symbol which shows that your charger has been successfully tested in the center and then it is made available for general use.

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