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We Know That Currently WhatsApp is the Largest Mobile Messaging Application. It has Rapidly Grown Over Past Years And it Currently Has Over One Billion Users Around The World. There are Various Tips And Tricks About This Giant Messaging Application Which You Aren't Aware Of. So Here Are the Top 5 Tricks Of WhatsApp:

1) Send Text in Bold And Italic:

Yes You Heard it Right, On WhatsApp You Can Send Edited Texts Also That is You can Send Text in Bold, Italic And Strike Through. So For That You have to Follow Some Instructions Which are As Under:

• For Sending Bold Texts You have to use an Asterik (* ) in the Beginning And At the End of the Text. Example: *How Are You* .

• For Sending Italic Texts You have to use Underscore ( _ ) Sign in the Beginning And at the End Like this _How Are You_ .

2) Operate Your WhatsApp Without A Sim Card:

This is Another Trick Which You Can use. If You have A Tablet Which Does not have a Sim Slot And You Want to Use WhatsApp in it. This Trick is For You. You Can Simply Install WhatsApp Application in That Tablet and When it Asks For Registration Number, You can Use Any Number Which is Working in Your Mobile Phone. Just Enter the Mobile Number And You Get Verification Code on Sim Which is inserted on Your Mobile Phone. Now Enter That Verification Code on Your Tablet And You are Good to Go.

3) Read Messages Without Sender Knowing it:

There Are Situations When You Want to Read Texts of Sender Without Sender Knowing it. For this you Would have to Simply Follow the Below Instructions:-

• Go to Your Network Setting And Turn off Your Mobile Data or Simply You can Put Your Smartphone on Flight Mode.

• Now Go to that Message Which You have Received And Read It.

• Now Again Turn On Your Data. That's it

• Usually Sender Gets Known About Read Status by Two Blue Ticks Which Gets on Message. By Using This Trick There Will be no Blue Ticks on Message Even You Have Read That.

4) Create Chat Shortcuts on Your HomeScreen:

You Can Add Chat Shortcuts of Your Favourite Contacts Whom With You Chat Frequently. All You have do is Follow Below Instructions:

• Go to that Contact in WhatsApp Application.

• Tap on it and Click on Options or Three Dots Which Appear on Top Right Corner of WhatsApp Application.

• Now Click on Add Chat Shortcut And Click Add and it Will be Added to Your Home Screen.

5) Voice Control Trick:

There is A Built in Voice Control Feature in the WhatsApp Application. You Can Just Click on that Microphone Shaped Icon And You can use your Voice For Typing. Cool Na, You don't have to Type by Using this Feature.

What do you guys think these WhatsApp Tricks ? I Hope You Like Them. Do comment your views?


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