There are many companies all over the world, doing business of crores and billions of rupees. The business of many of these big companies is more than the GDP of small countries. Through this post, we will tell you about those companies, which earn crores of rupees every minute and billions of rupees in a day.

# 5. China Construction Bank - China

China Construction Bank, the bank of China, comes in fifth place in this list. Please tell that China Construction Bank earns 52.14 lakhs every minute and 7.50 billion rupees in the whole day.

# 4. Samsung Electronics - South Korea

South Korea's company Samsung Electronics comes in fourth place in this list. Let me tell you that Samsung earns 54.03 lakhs every minute and 7.78 billion rupees in a day.

# 3. Bank Industrial & Commercial Bank of China - China

In this list, China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China comes in third place. Let us tell you that this bank earns more than 60.95 lakhs every minute. While earning 8.77 billion rupees in a full day.

Apple's name comes in third place in this list, which is also one of the biggest companies in the world. Apple's earnings in a minute is more than Rs 80.63 lakh. While Apple is more than 11.16 billion rupees in a day.

# 1. Aramco - Saudi Arabia

Among the highest-grossing companies in a minute, the first name comes from the name of Aramco, a Saudi Arabian company. Let us tell you that this company, which earns more than 21.58 billion in one day, earns more than 15 crores of one minute. Please tell that Aramco is a government petroleum company of Saudi Arabia.


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