Offences & Penalties for Haryana Challan Rates applicable for Motor vehicle act 1989.

IDName of OffenceSection NoRegular FineSubsequent
1Driving- w/o Driving Licence3/1815000.005000.00
2Driving with DL expired/ DL not specific3/1815000.005000.00
3Under age Driver w/oDL4/1815000.005000.00
4Allowing unauthorized person to drive veh.5/1805000.005000.00
5Holding more than one DL6/177500.001500.00
6Learner driving w/o instructor with DLr.3(1) B/ 177500.001500.00
7Learner driving w/o displaying L Platesr.3(1)/ 1775000.005000.00
8W/o Registration Certificate39/192(1)5000.0010000.00
9Road Tax not paid177500.001500.00
10Plying transport vehicle w/o Fitness56/192 (I)10000.0010000.00
11Plying transport vehicle w/o /expired Permit66/192A (I)CourtCourt
12Tractor - Trolley put to non agricultural commercial use66/s.192A10000.0010000.00
13W/o Expired Third Party Insurance146/1962000.004000.00
14Failure to report change of address within prescribed period47(5) / 177500.001500.00
15Failure to report transfer of vehicle ownership within prescribed period50 (3)/177500.001500.00
16Violating air pollution stds115 (I) & 116/S.190(2)10000.0010000.00
17Load projection violation190 (2)10000.0010000.00
18Over loading113 (3)/ 194(1)CourtCourt
19Carrying more than seating capacity on RC177500.001500.00
20TSR/Taxi driver not adopting shortest route for journey/refusing to undertake or complete journey/charging w/o fair meter177500.001500.00
21Carrying person/travelling on running board/top of Bonnet/Outside the body of vehicle123/177500.001500.00
22Obstruction of control of driver by passanger sitting/standing/placing any thing in front125/177500.001500.00
23Violation of no-entry u/s 115115/194CourtCourt
24Carrying explosive/inflammable/dangerous/substance likley to cause damage/injury to vehcile/passangers/public property177500.001500.00
25Violation of Rules for Carriage of Dangerous/Hazardous Goods190 (3)10000.0020000.00
26Dangerous driving/abetment184/1885000.0010000.00
27Dangerous mobile phone use while driving1845000.0010000.00
28Driving fast/slower than national/local max/min speed limits/abetment112/183/1882000.002000.00
29Drunken driving/abetment185/188CourtCourt
30Driver mentally/physically unfit186/1881000.002000.00
31Disobeying Police Orders1792000.002000.00
32Disobeying signal of police officer regulating traffic22 (a)/ 1775000.0010000.00
33Failure to stop vehicle involved in accident on directions by SI or above in uniform132(1)(a)/ 1792000.002000.00
34Violation of mandatory road signs119/1775000.0010000.00
35Violation of road makingreg. 18, reg.500.001500.00
36Violation of Automation Traffic Control Signal Red light or Yellow(amber) light violationreg. 22/1775000.0010000.00
37Reversing more than necessary for turning/in a manner causing danger/inconveniencereg.31/ 177500.001500.00
38Driving m.vehicle on cycle track/footpathreg.11/ 177500.001500.00
39Front and rear light not switched on while driving from 1/2 hour after sunset till 1/2 hour before sunrise or whenever there is unsufficient lightr.105(1)/ 177500.001500.00
40Failing to lower headlight beam177500.001500.00
41Overtaking Violationsr.4-7/ 1775000.0010000.00
42Dangerous U-turn/where U-turn prohibited/ W/o proper signalreg.12/ 177500.001500.00
43Wrong Side Driving/Entry/Turn/Crossing divided road/central verge where no proper crossing provided177500.001500.00
44Failing to yiend right-of-wayreg.8-11,25/ 177500.001500.00
45Lane change w/o signal/zigzag drivingreg.18/ 177500.001500.00
46Failure to make prescribed signalreg.13,14/177500.001500.00
47Abrupt brake w/o suficient reasonreg.24/ 177500.001500.00
48Failure to keep safe distancereg.23/ 177500.001500.00
49Wrong parking causing danger/obstruction/undue inconceniencereg.15/ 122/177500.001500.00
50Removed by Towing122/177/127500.001500.00
51Obstructing flow of traffic by failing to remove disabled vehicle for _____Hrs201CourtCourt
52Unattended Vehicle with engine running126/177500.001500.00
53Driver w/o helmet or Turban/Helmet not fastened/not of BIS Standards129/1771000.001000.00
54Pillion Rider w/o Helmet129/1771000.001000.00
55Triple Riding on 2-Wheeler128(1)/ 1771000.001000.00
56M/Cycle w/o rear-wheel-guard/permanent hand grip/footrest for pillon riderr.123/ 177500.001500.00
57Unauthorized use of red/blue beacon lightr.108/177500.001500.00
58Use of dark tinted film/window glassesr.100(2)/ 190(2)10000.0010000.00
59Unauthorised use of spot light/search light/dazzling light/ unnecssary use of fog lightr.111/ 177500.001500.00
60Smoking while driving177500.001500.00
61Blowing pressure horn/multi tonned hornr.119/ 190(2)10000.0010000.00
62Blowing horn needlessly /continuously or in silence zonereg.21(i) (ii)/ 190(2)1000.002000.00
63Silencer non-functional/vehicle creating undue noise/playing music at high pitchreg.21/ r.120/ 190 (2)10000.0010000.00
64Failure to keep mandatory accessoriesr.138(4)/ 177500.001500.00
65Vehicle w/o Fire Exitinguisher177500.001500.00
66Driver not using seat beltr.138 (3)/ 1771000.001000.00
67Front passanger w/o seat beltr.138 (3)/ 1771000.001000.00
68W/o prescribed reflex reflectorsr.104/ 104A/ 190(2)500.001500.00
69Driving W/o Number Plate39/192(1)500.001500.00
70Number Plate not according to pattern/not legible/obscuredreg.16/ 177500.001500.00
71Unauthorized post-registeration alteration of vehicle engine/basic structure52/192500.001500.00
72Using defective vehicle dangerous for others190(2)10000.0010000.00
73Towing for reason other than delivery/repair at workshop of disabled vehiclereg.20(1)/ 177500.001500.00
74Improper towing of disabled vehiclereg.20/ 177500.001500.00
75School Bus violating direction of Hon'ble High Court177500.001500.00
76Non providing of smooth passage to the ambulance while carrying the patient-10000.0010000.00
77Carrying goods on passenger vehicle-2000.005000.00
78Run away from the spot-500.001500.00
79Driving HMV/MMV passangers with excess speed-4000.004000.00
80Carrying children below 14 years without safety belt/child restraint system-1000.001000.00
81Release of exhaust gas other then sylencer-1000.002000.00
82Unauthorized interference with vehicles-1000.001000.00


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